The use of external harddrives and smartphones

Some quick questions, would it be a good idea to use external harddrives for locating space for the vaults? I have an external harddrive but I’ve noticed it sometimes goes to “sleep”. So when I want to access a directory on it, it takes up a few seconds before it becomes active again. Will the SAFEclient keep the drive “active”? Even when no chunks are asked for like 30 minutes?

And what about an app on a smartphone, could it be made that when someone’s at home, connected to WiFi, a little vault is run by the SAFE app? It probably won’t serve a lot of chunks due to a smaller drive, on the other hand… Maybe it just enough to earn some coin to use the app on the device itself and store some data and make some chats… Another positive thing about smartphones is that people keep buying new ones every couple of years. So they could speed up the network because they’re upgraded many more times than a PC or Laptop…

I like the idea to have dedicated vault app for smartphones at some point. But I think it should be used only for this purpose then, like, when you buy a new smartphone, you will leave the old one at home, farming. You would have to keep it connected to power and wifi all the time. But with a decent SD card it could be a nice little vault.
For a smartphone in normal use I guess people will only use a “light client”, and you have to send safcoins there to use it.

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Nice :slight_smile:

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I have had those same questions as @polpolrene (name always makes me think of polypropylene) anyways. I’ve never owned an external hd but planned on doing the same thing at launch with the assumption that it would be the same as on my pc. Not a good idea to assume so I would also like some clarity on both questions too.

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I know that I have suggested this before, but I think there is a great space here for people to build and sell vault hardware, which has just enough cpu to do the encryption, a hard drive and an Ethernet port.

Think a more robust version of the Space Monkey setup (as David Irvine has said that the Space Monkey hardware can’t handle the necessary level of encryption).

A variation on the idea could be a conversion kit where you take old hardware like a hard drive and a phone and plug it in to a set up like this.

Right, but what about these 2 TB external harddrives people have at home, will the SAFE client keep them out of “sleeping mode” so they can deliver chunks at some good speed or not?

Isn’t that an OS issue?

I don’t think that the client can operate without an OS at least not yet.

So if you have your OS setting keeping the hard drive from sleeping, this problem should go away.


Well at this point you can’t really tell what hardware will work well (and more importantly, how exactly farmers will be rewarded (and penalized)).

Old h/w is unlikely to work here because it doesn’t work well almost anywhere (it used to be a good idea 20 years ago, when people repurposed their 286 systems as BSD-based firewalls and DHCP servers, but that time is long past).
And before the global warming fanatics doubled or tripled the cost of electric energy.

You can’t tell whether it’ll make economic sense to keep the disk spinning. As it was discussed elsewhere on this forum, we don’t know how miners will be rewarded (random pick, or fastest, or some sort of a mixed approach that will dynamically adjust to “spread the wealth”, etc.).
As @kirkion said you can prevent the disk (and OS) going to sleep.

Didn’t know it was a OS thing. Set my drive to be active all the time. We’ll see.