Can SafeCoin be mined on mobiles?

Most people in the world have only smartphones as their computing device, if anything.

Can they participate in meaningful ways in SAFE?

Will farming eat up all their data? Or be prohibitively expensive?

Any thoughts?

I lived in Africa for almost 8 years, and hope the amazing people there (who can now start to afford the super basic cheap smartphones coming out) will be able to contribute to the world’s new SAFE knowledge base.

Privacy! Freedom!


Initially no, but it is our target for sure.

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Chock this up to bad quoting but i think you mean to say that it would be your target to make maidsafe available to mobiles not that it would be your target to make it prohibitively expensive lol.


Yes :smiley: well spotted

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Have watched the faq vids on maidsafe YouTube channel and if I remember correctly @dirvine brings up because smart phone are turned on and off so much there would have to be a clever way to make them useful to the network and to be profitable earning safecoin. My initial thought was wouldn’t the constant sleep/awake of a phone promote churn? Seems as though there would be plenty of that so maybe the longer the phone is on the more safecoin you earn till the point of an average battery would take to die so people don’t plug in a bunch of phones to take advantage but also considering that people do use in bursts. phones are basically attached to us so the data is there day to day for network users so should be seen as semi reliable to the network? Though I also understand that at at any moment data could’ve called upon so maybe not so reliable but to continue the thought. If the network knew it was genuine mobile perhaps there would be permissions (constant wake/sleep of device) different to that of a desktop and therefore allowing an equal reward to a desktop based off average mobile battery life or even slightly less to discourage. Having the rewards tail off after an average mobile battery life should also stop people with virtual machines trying to monetize over something that is inherently more valuable and reliable to the network (a desktop). If it can run in the background while asleep well I’ve ranted for nothing. There must be many options and solutions and I employ others to consider these


What about a churn micropayment idea? Instead of having a long chunk of payment like a desktop would use why not have little micropayments. It’s not that mobiles aren’t used a lot it’s just that there are a lot of interruptions. So to equate churn to money, it’s not that you couldn’t dish out say $100 but instead of paying it in a single $100 bill you’d be paying it in $20s or $10s or $5s or even in lots and lots of coinage. In short think the processing and data equivilant of crowdfunding when it comes to mobiles. Can’t we build an app for that?

I don’t see why it being an actual mobile or not is an issue. I have a desktop which I restart frequently because it’s a dual boot computer. Laptops would be in a similar situation. Mobiles just take it to an extreme.

And couldn’t we rig the app to work in conjunction with the mobile or laptop’s battery so that when it got time to “sleep” there would be event signal to “stop farming and save” and then wait till the device was activated again. Then when the device was activated another event would be triggered to “start farming and continue” or something like that.

Also I think this has a lot to do with expectations of farmers.

Farmer type 1. Desktops and servers that can stay on all the time. Farmer type 2. Desktops and laptops that get restarted frequently. Laptops and mobiles that get restarted and put to sleep often and are turning on and off all the time. Punishment and reward scenarios should be determined according to what kind of device you have. You don’t expect a mobile phone to behave like a 24/7 dedicated server nor vice versa.

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What is the hurdle to having mobiles farming coins; would it just be a matter of porting the super project to android?

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My phone is connected to the internet way more than my laptop and has more spare disk space right now.

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Yeah, hopefully it will just be a simple Android port

Even if I can’t mine Safe coin on my mobile I can still spend Safe coin and use the secure features and apps on my mobile, right?


Last I heard was that there will be SAFE Network clients at launch, but that farming / vaults would come later.

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Oh OK. Makes sense to me