The link between Vaults & Wallets & managing hard drive space

Hi Noob here.

So say for the sake of argument I had a nice fat internet connection at my workplace which I (theoretically!) wanted to exploit as a farmer.

I could install the client software on one (or more) of my work machines

And set up a vault on there (do I allocate a certain number of Gig for this? Or does it dynamically expand as people store data on it)

I then log out of the client application. If the drive is useful I earn safecoins. These accumulate in my wallet,

Other users can log in using that same client application, but they can’t edit the vault, or profit from it? Only the person who set it up can do that?

How does a vault appear to a non-logged in user? Does the client application just look like a massive app? Presumably someone with admin on the machine could delete the whole app and vault?



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But not your wallet or data etc.

All the rest is also fine as you describe, (I skimmed tho).


Great, thanks. Do I have to decide in advance how much data the vault can use? Or does it dynamically expand?

If its set at the beginning can I change my mind later and reduce the size of the vault?

If it expands dynamically can you set an upper limit?



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It will automatically use up to 90% of space unless you set a limit. You can change that limit at any time. Your config file will hold

  1. Your wallet address (optional)
  2. Max disk space to use (optional)

So we can also change from 90% to 98% as well through the config file that’s right?


It would be helpful to have some more flexibility than just a percentage. For example min/max in terms of both percent and/or an absolute figure.

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I have the reverse problem, that is lots of disk space but not a lot of bandwidth. So I’d be worried less about drive space being used up, although I’d still want to keep a bit of leash on that anyway, and more about bandwidth limitations. Can those also be set within the config file?