The small company from Troon which has got the attention of Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Hollywood. And Scotland? Not so much


From the article: “When Irvine turned round, much to his surprise, he realised that Sir Tim Berners-Lee – whose 1989 proposal for a ‘universal linked information system’ became the internet as we know it – had been listening intently to the conversation.”

As Tim should have, since the ideas about a new web I heard Tim Berners-Lee talked about in a presentation don’t cover the full spectrum as well as the SAFE network does.


How much are Tim’s projects worth? Like Solid? Just for reference. I don’t know too much about it.

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I don’t think he has a monetary figure there, but he sees worth in folk owning their own data, we go a bit further where everyone shares data securely but everyone provides the resources for everyone else. At a 10,000 mile view the projects share the ideal that data belongs to the people.


Love it!

[We know there’s no servers of the future, because,] if you look at Star Trek, you never see Kirk saying to Scotty, ‘Here, Scotty, can you sign into Google and send the Klingons a gmail message.

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Financially, Tim’s project are valueless. They are all open source.

That said, Solid is priceless. The core Solid platform enables a plug-and-play server that can be plugged into your home router, thereby completely de-centralizing everyone’s online activities and completely removing the need for large, centralized, platforms like Facebook.

There are already at least a couple of companies who are already preparing to sell such plug-and-play home servers.

With or without the addition of SAFE, SOLID is a game changer. Having SOLID together with SAFE (or with something similar to SAFE) would provide both de-centralized and safe content.