Article: Why the SAFE Network Matters

Would love feedback, suggestions, and help ensuring technical / logical correctness on this post I wrote: Why the SAFE Network Matters. The Internet is broken, but a… | by Daniel Morgan | Medium


Fabulous, Daniel!! Check out the notes I made “to the author.”

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Awesome piece. Well written, flows nicely, not overly technical, still an indepth overview of things. One typo I noticed: Irving instead of Irvine.

I think this style of writing might convince quite a few people to give Safe Network a try.


A small typo savvy

[quote=“MyLegacyKit, post:3, topic:4543”]
I think this style of writing might convince quite a few people to give Safe Network a try.
[/quote]Totally agree

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Thanks so much for your edits!

I appreciate that. Fixed the Typo. Sorry @dirvine!

Whoops. Fixed.

Thanks all!


I’m impressed by the quality of this paper Daniel, and by your responsible journalism of requesting feedback from the community before broader publication of the work. We need more and better media coverage of maidsafe of this quality.

There’s just two things I noticed that detract from the work significantly and could be removed or edited quite easily:

“From its inception until now, the Internet has relied on centralized server farms”

This isn’t true. The internet was designed with the goal of complete decentralization, and for the first several years of its operation, it was very decentralized. It became centralized onto massive server farms run by data aggregators as part of a free market process. It’s all rather interesting vis a vis maidsafe because the same thing could happen to maidsafe. For a simple edit, just change to “the internet currently relies on…” If you want to know more about the decentralized - centralization history, I recommend listening to the man who invented the internet, Tim Berners-Lee in his ted talk.

On to the next issue:
“it will be by most measures self aware”
Just cut that sentence, save it as a subject heading for an entirely different post. Self awareness is a huge issue in cognitive science that you can’t just mention in passing like this, without further explanation or qualification, without inciting groans and eye rolling and page closings by the educated elite in your audience.


Not sure if it’s my phone not refreshing, but I’m still seeing:

David Irving in his blog post “Why do I keep going on about Ants and Nature”

@MyLegacyKit: Should be only Irvine’s in there now. Thanks!

Thanks for the video, @lowry_jim! I agree that market forces are to blame for the sad trends in centralization. While early websites (pre-95) could be hosted among a number of a homebrewed servers running in garages, they were more likely loaded from a rented rack. I was just referring to those growing racks to host sites – a structural problem no Freenet could reverse. I actually had a long section in there about Freenet but I’m glad I took that out.

@fergish Also took issue with the ‘Self-aware’ line, so with two votes against, I’ve stricken it from the record. My intent was to highlight the fact that it is aware of its own distribution of scarce data, but I can see how awareness is a much larger term. Let us never speak of it again.

Thanks everyone for their feedback!


Not sure if to late, but I have the memory of the SAFE project starting in 2006 instead of stated “2003”

Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article. It was well thought out and I think will connect with a lot of different types of people. I am enjoying all the different ways people are expressing their epiphany moments.


Meanwhile I’ve tweeted your article and put it on LinkedIn. It’s a great introduction to SAFE Network, I hope more of these articles will see the day of light, you are a gifted writer, Daniel! :slight_smile: