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I am planning on starting a series or short stories about the SAFE Network called SOVRN. I plan on releasing the serial as a RSS feed for free with an option to tip via Bitcoin or MaidSafecoin. Please keep in mind that it is a work in progress. I look forward to the communities thoughts and suggestions.


Secure Access For Everyone (SAFE) Open Virtual Reality Network: (SOVRN)
pronounced “sovereign”

SOVRN is run on top of a global decentralized computer network called the SAFE Network. The shared resources of this global network are used to form the worlds largest supercomputer. This supercomputer is the brain of the worlds most advanced Artificial Intelligence called the Decentralized Autonomous Virtual Intelligence Database (DAVID).

DAVID maintains the SAFE Network and the SOVRN universe.
DAVID has a Scottish accent.
DAVID is not controlled by any one person, group, or government.
DAVID is programed to put every users liberty and privacy as top priority.

There is strong political contrast between the real world and the virtual world. In the real world people are controlled by a socialist nanny state world government. In the virtual world people live out their lives in a libertarian utopia.

Government has become dependent on the SAFE Network and has made Safecoin its world currency. It would do anything to control DAVID and SOVRN, but every attempt has failed. The only way to shutdown DAVID and SOVRN would be to shut down the SAFE Network and risk a world wide revolt. Because of this stalemate the government reluctantly allows its citizens to us SOVRN.

Citizens are mandated to have neural implants surgically installed at birth. These implants are used to connect to the SAFE Network and SOVRN.

SOVRN causes users to be put into Rapid Eye Movement sleep (REM sleep, REMS).

Most users log in to SOVRN at night during their sleep cycle. During the day they go about their lives controlled by their government nanny state.

Users have their own individual virtual universes where they are given god like abilities to mold their universe anyway they see fit. These universes can be shared with whomever they wish or if they choose to remain isolated in their own worlds.

There is a global community universe called the (Insert Name Here). Shared by all the INH is where users can collaborate with one another in the SOVRN universe.


I’m looking for suggestions on a name for the global community universe.

Sounds like a good base for an RP.

I love what you’re doing. I was always wanting the good scifi authors on here.

I think @frabrunelle or his family is involved with trying to create new land on the ocean for cut out space for people to live outside the current state fiefdoms and actually work with freedom.

I hope that somewhere in you work will be modern Amish who life off the grid who have enough enough independence through land and enough automation to be free of debt and coerced work.

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Brilliant… more please! :slight_smile:

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Here’s some ideas for your stories :smile:

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New platform coming soon.


Have you suggested this “storyboard” for

This is where the official story is published.

Since it is community based, we are already on this domain. IMO, we should have it here. It would be great for marketing/promotion for scifi/fantasy audiences… and others in general. You could discuss with the mods for if you plan on moving forward with this idea.

I would love to contribute some short stories.

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btw “sovrn”

Now, imagine this with a Scottish accent… [shudder :wink: ]


This project will be headed in a whole new direction. More to come soon. :wink:

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What would be the associated User/Developer cost with using the SAFE Network as a virtual reality simulator?

VR app developers could post their apps on public repositories. Users could use the apps for free and app developers could be paid by the network every time their apps were used.

It would cost Safecoin for the the VR app developers to put their apps on the network. It would cost nothing to get the app, but what about storing data while using the app?

I sure I’m missing other aspects to this?

Example: it would cost a fortune to build and put an entire VR world on the network, but the cost to use the world would be minimal.

What would be the associated User/Developer cost with using the SAFE Network as a virtual reality simulator?

This is a model that will need to be worked out depending on the application. In this case, there are no users until there is a VR world, so the data will need to be PUT and paid for by people in advance of revenue from users (unless the data is public, and the network didn’t charge for that - can’t remember where we are with that one!)

This case could be handled by users being charged for usage time, or subscription etc of the App (Safecoin micropayments) to recoup sunk developer costs, if the App usage rewards were unlikely to cover them. Or the world’s creation could be crowdfunded etc.

It would be up to App devs how they approach this in all situations where the built in rewards system is not deemed adequate.

Does the SAFE Network charge Safecoin to copy data such as a public VR app to a users personal account?

SOVRN now has a new home at

The S.O.V.R.N. Wiki Project is a community driven open source story founded on the idea that a great story is not static, but instead adapts and evolves over time. Instead of being written in a closed environment by a single author or publisher, the S.O.V.R.N. story is written in an open environment by the very community that reads it. The use of Wikimedia’s open source wiki allows the S.O.V.R.N. community to collaborate and write the S.O.V.R.N. story in an open way. Nothing is set in stone; the S.O.V.R.N. story’s content is open source and free to be edited/evolved by the community. The S.O.V.R.N. story is not owned by anyone, but instead shared by all.

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