The Need For SAFE

Post here about why SAFE Network is important. Needs, benefits, threats it counters etc.

UPDATE: I suggest we also express the above here with use cases or case study vignettes to better convey these ideas.

I’m thinking @dirvine has a few hundred of these up his sleeve, maybe post one as an example?

Threats: malware, hacking, cyber terrorism

Benefit: eliminates vulnerable servers, protects stored data, PCs and other devices (e.g. mobile) belonging to companies, governments and individuals from hackers, thieves and terrorists

“about 55% cyberattacks going unnoticed by commercial antivirus software.”

Source: “Antivirus software is dead” says security expert at Symantec ~ The Gaurdian

“…whether a [massive cyber terrorist attack] like that imagined in the 2007 film Die Hard 4 would happen is now a question of when, rather than if…”

Source: “Eugene Kaspersky: major cyberterrorist attack is only matter of time” ~ The Gaurdian

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Off the top of my head before I go to bed?

Maidsafe counters:

  • Goverment survelyance, surpression, censorship and all around nastiness.
  • Government and corporate manipulation and censorship of a free medium for communication.
  • DHS takedowns (since the websites are hosted on the safe network, encrypted, chunked and scattered all over the place);
  • Big Media monopoly (via piracy and easier distribution of new content. Also collaboration on projects would be easier I’d imagine.)
  • Big Pharma/Health Cara via free distribution of health information and research
  • Acedemic elites - again free distribution of knowledge (which the internet is already doing to a great degree and maidsafe would do bettter)

Okay I’m just going to say it counters and threatens the ENTIRE status quo and established order of things which is based on restricting and controlling the passage of knowledge. Maidsafe utterly obliterates that via anonymous sharing which allows whistleblowers, pirates, researchers, artists, coders and other creative types to flourish.


in my opinion this is plenty reason enough. I don’t have anything to hide, but still firmly believe in my right to privacy.


Agreed @wes but we want to attract lots and lots of users, and not that many actually see this as important as I’m sure you know. So much broader use cases and benefits will be useful in helping us achieve our aims, as well as provide wider benefits for everyone.

How about easily and freely publishing your own website? You currently need to pay about $200 or $300 for web hosting. But if you host the site via maidsafe for free and then share it either privately or publically (which is an advantage in and of itself) you’re gaining an economic advantage.


Entry level web hosting is about £40/year(my hosting service!) including domain ($70), so its not quite as big as that, but your point still applies and over time the advantages will grow (though in the short term functionality will be less on SAFE, and lack of familiarity will add to costs).

What hosting service do you use? I could use $40 - $50 web hosting. (incidently over what time period is that? I pay $5 or is it $6 a month which roughly ends up being $300 every 2 years including taxes.)

Also heres a thought: You have all the public files indexed already right? So just develop an app that searches them efficiently and you’ve just owned Google.

Also what with the encryption and anonymity developing mapping software with advanced GPS positions and whatnot would be easier. People would be more inclined to submit data (because it’s secure and anonymous) and GPS positions could be assigned. More photos, maybe even videos of places.

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Dave, when I said its “my hosting service” I meant I own it! Just a small biz where mostly I host the clients I’ve built sites for. Click the “£40/year” link, it would be great to host you :-). Its nothing special - but full featured hosting.

Glad you made it over here and I see you’re getting some help with builds. I’m really enjoying your posts in various threads - yes Google would be fun to replace. Let’s not tell them yet :wink:

All the best, Mark (aka theWebalyst @ D*)