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@dllasoff I guess you are on here :wink:
Great tagline!


Yes, I’m here, Bro. Thanks for starting this thread and thanks for the support! I’m trying to focus first on getting twitter followers and then to find the generals of the 99% revolution. I want to build momentum for the coming deployment of the SAFE Network. We need to have farmers ready to farm. Getting developers to build apps? I’ll do what I can but I’m a non-techie. I want this to be accessible for the masses. There’s a place for everyone and engineers need to recruit developers mostly; they speak the same language. I want to use my passion and writing skills to reach smart and good people: the early non-technical adopters who can help in the latter parts of the testnets or in the early deployment of the network itself to work out the kinks and to be the first to earn SafeCoin by farming. That’s my strategy. I don’t work for MaidSafe. Ask Nick Lambert in PR to verify this. This is a no BS, no hype, real 99% revolution to help people get their dignity, freedom, security and privacy back. I intend to get the leaders who have the same vision to adopt early and to spread the news like a good movie. Then it will go viral.

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Brilliant, and great that you are publishing on Medium - I am on the mailing list but confess I generally don’t read the emails so far! However, this puts me off and it seems incongruous alongside SAFE - I’ve never seen this on any website and find it so disturbing I won’t be following you unfortunately:

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Anyway, I shall follow you via twitter! :wink:

Yes, follow me on twitter. I understand your concern so when we have something secure on SAFE, we won’t have to worry about all that. My new email for the purpose of building momentum for this work is:

My strategy to find earliest adopters is twitter to medium to email to skype where we’ll talk and strategize how to build momentum. One of the things I’ll be talking about is that this is the season of gathering the generals, then the troops and NOT doing anything else in an insecure environment. Once SAFE is up and running we’ll be SAFE to plan and strategize in a more detailed way.

But now,we need to get together and just start talking and knowing each other.

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