Attention Builders: The MaidSafe Focus Blog wants to know YOU!

Hi Builders! My name is David Lasoff and I write the MaidSafe Focus Blog at I was communicating with Nick Lambert and he suggested that I start a topic here to connect with developer teams to find out what apps you are working on for the SAFE Network. I don’t want this to be anything more than a place to say hello and then move our conversations into something more personal. I realize that many of you may NOT want to prematurely disclose what you’re working on. I completely understand this. However, there will come a time when you do want to go public and since I’m decidedly biased toward promoting the rise and development of the SAFE Network, you’ll find me very supportive of whatever you are trying to do. This is why I chose to put this topic under the broad area of projects. Your work is a project and so is mine: doing my part to see that the SAFE Network becomes robust and ubiquitous sooner rather than later. My project is a long-term project and so, I’m willing to share your projects with my readership as soon you feel the time is right. Also, this doesn’t need to be a one-time publicity shot. We can stay in touch and as you reach interesting developmental milestones (version beta, 1.x, 2.x etc.), you can contact me and I can tell people more about what you’ve been up to since the last time we communicated. I expect my readership to grow and like anything, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Keep me in mind and feel free to contact me directly at Also, my skypename is David.Lasoff1 so you can request contact that way too. Just include something in the request for contact that identifies that you’re a developer for the SAFE Network. Thanks and may your hack go well and very quickly.