The initial sentence when talking to people about SAFE?

As probably everyone knows, I am no marketeer but do look for clear ways of messaging. I think the first step is to grab somebodies attention. With SAFE there is always the chance (I think) of the approach seeming like, “I know something you don’t” which obviously makes people initially defensive.

Therefore the first sentence is important and need to be inclusive and more of a come closer, I have something to tell you. On that point @nicklambert posted this vid to our slack, I remember seeing it a while back and it’s very good.

So sentence 1 only could be something like this


Excellent talk.

So we need to start out with the “why” and not the “what”

Instead of SAFE can securely store your data safe from NSA blah blah,

We should be saying something like I believe (or want) our online experience can be secure from hackers and surveillance blah blah. and then when the other person says yea me too go into the wonderful things SAFE can do


I posted a link to this same talk in the discussion about the tag line too… privacy, security and freedom seems like the ‘why’, secure access for everyone feels more like the ‘what’. Well it does to me anyway?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, I lost that battle, so won’t derail further, great talk indeed! :wink:

I tend to open with the obvious incentive… the dirty, evil, greedy part of ourselves that wants to learn more about this thing that might make silly returns. That’s what led me the last few steps from love of decentralisation to trading maid and realising what I was involving myself in.

So I agree with you that the talk is brilliant David, and there are many levels of ‘why’ in this project, the easiest one to invoke first in the vast majority of people is greed. Then the others just serve to reinforce the first incentive with self-righteousness, awe and excitement at the hugely subversive nature of it all.

I hate saying it, but I do feel that why #1 for many people at this early stage will be greed, though that will soon change I guess and the other why’s are obviously far cooler once you get your head around them.

I have hooked a fair few people myself with that greedy little demon that perks his ears up at the sound of a great gamble ;). Although you do then obviously have to explain why it’s a good opportunity and that takes a while lol.


Passive marketing is always more attractive. People looking for a solution to a problem they are aware of, are easier to sell to; build it and they will come.

The kind of marketing that I wonder most people dislike, follows from where the product doesn’t necessarily have an edge over its competition and needs to push its own agenda and then tends to a negative, rather than a simple honest statement of the reality that people are familiar with.

I wonder SAFE’s got good opportunity, in part because the timing is right for the solution it provides. The fails where SAFE is not being applied can be used as soft examples of a problem where the same might not have necessarily occurred. So, at each slip of at odds with people’s interest in privacy; security; and freedom, we can note what SAFE could have done in that situation… naturally people will remain a factor there is no good solution for but the avoidable risks can be solved.

tldr; positive messages are attractive and negative messages are not.


Yes, this was my sense of why the tagline should be “Privacy, Security and Freedom.”

“Privacy, Security and Freedom, the right place to start.”


the article below suggests long slogans/taglines may be more effective than short.

Why and What, in the same slogan?

Privacy, Security, Freedom.
Secure Access For Everyone!

Just a thought.