The Dyslexie Font


This is brilliant. It really is


And it is easier to read for those without dyslexia as well.

Also helps for those with minor eyesight issues too.

Thanks for sharing


Not a problem, that’s just the kinda guy I am. :joy:


Dyslexie is a proprietary font. OpenDyslexic is an open source alternative to Dyslexie.


As someone with a son who suffers from dyslexia, I am very grateful to you for sharing, I am off to change his default font right now.


As a designer who has dyslexia, I’m a bit skeptical of these kinds of things that end up being oversold. Dyslexia is such a wide and diverse spectrum, which is probably most likely to be highly individualised.

I remember being told as a child that coloured screen overlays or different types or glasses would help, but seemed to be nothing more than a few minutes of placebo.

I find this font readable to a degree, but it also—to me—it suffers from rivering, where my eyes are drawn to the white space between letterforms, and they tumble down the text.

I think the key is here that the font designer has built this for himself; and that rings true: hyper personalised solutions are key.

For me the route to overcoming it, and playing to it’s strengths, particularly through education, was figuring out how my brain worked: much of that was thanks to computers, and also some open minded teachers, happy to let me go off-piste and communicate and learn in a much more visual way.


There is a need for users and designers to consider everyone. If a message is worth being read then it is worth being read by everyone.

So, the initial post should have been black on white or white on black, to suit those of us who are not dyslexic but still have eyesight problems, and should be capable of being read by a screen-reader by those that are blind, and so on!

Sorry. Don’t mean to be picky. The font is great, and I realize there are limits to presentation on a forum. However, the post can’t be read by everyone who may want to read it on this forum because of the colors used and because it is an image without any non-image additional text, so this is just a reminder that it is important to view things in a wider context.