The New Website Revealed!

Today we’re pleased to announce the release of the much-awaited new website - take a look at!

We’re giving the community an opportunity to have a sneak-peek and share their thoughts and feedback before we push this out more publicly next week.

As many will remember, the project was originally kicked off a little while ago as we sought to work with an external web design agency to update the site. Unfortunately, after a couple of months it soon became clear that the direction wasn’t working for us, at which point we made the tough decision to bring the work inhouse. In retrospect, that decision proved to be correct as it gave us the opportunity to use the website design process as the opportunity to progress a whole range of conversations across a larger team, not least around branding, UX, design and messaging.

As with any website, there will be changes to be made in the near to medium future - not least when we start to roll out the ‘Learn’ section - but it’s also perhaps worth mentioning what our goals have been here. Much of the work has been focused on addressing three specific personas, user types that we believe will access the site; - tech/privacy aware individuals, crypto enthusiasts and journalists (newcomers that are hungry for easily-digestible information).

Few of you will have failed to notice the URL. So why have we moved from to After an ongoing discussion across the last few months, we’re clear that the most important thing here is to promote the SAFE Network in every possible way. Some of the more eagle-eyed amongst you noticed that the title of the weekly update was changed last week to ‘SAFE Network Dev Update’. We still intend to maintain but we see this as basically being little more than a very simple company website. The information there should just relate to the company itself - so personnel, job openings, contact details, that kind of thing.

In essence, whilst we may be occupied full time in working to bring the SAFE Network to fruition, we aren’t - and in the future can’t be - the only ones. It’s important that the branding is consistent to avoid confusion in the wider crypto community and ensuring that we move towards using the SAFE Network instead of MaidSafe is a key factor here. For those who are wondering, we’ll also be evolving our social presence and platforms to fall in line.

As mentioned above, one addition to the new website in the future will be a ‘Learn’ section. We’d originally looked at launching this on a separate site but after deciding that the content would sit more naturally within this new site, we’re looking to get that work scheduled in for some time after the release. The Front End team will have to work on a number of other things initially but we’re keen to get this information out as soon as possible.

We’re planning to publicise/push this new website more widely on Monday - so consider this a sneak preview. If you have a few minutes, we’d really appreciate it if a few of you could take the chance to feedback and let us know your thoughts - and if you can catch any typos or bugs, even better! It’s worth mentioning that we’re aware of a potential issue with the videos buffering on certain Windows machines which we’re currently looking into - so if you’re reporting any bugs etc, it would be very useful if you could also please share operating system, browser versions etc. to help us identify any issues.

How do I provide feedback on Leave a comment below this post! Any feedback is welcome.

If you find something that you think isn’t quite right or if you would like to request an enhancement then visit the GitHub Project.


First of all, thank you for the great looking site!

I’m no developer, but it looks like some of the code could be imroved.


It’s great! I love the little ‘soundbites’ of info all the way down … Scrolled to the bottom and wanted it to keep on going!

I think this site is much more geared to the average person and that’s a huge win all the way around.

Great Job MAIDSAFE web team!


A couple of minor things that stick out for me

  • the ‘timeline’ link only seems to appear at the top of the page, while other links are repeated in multiple places … sort of gets lost maybe.

  • The safecoin page, Buying MAIDSAFE - “MaidSafeCoin can be bought and traded at these exchanges. We’re adding new ones all the time.” – the last sentence might attract some pushback … I’d go with “We’re adding new ones as we are able.” or something like that.

Otherwise it feels like it’s off to a great start - I guess I’ve already said as much in previous post, but worth repeating! Great job!


Love it!

@dugcampbell the link “learn more about Safecoin” is not working for me.

@Nigel no pressure man, JAMS jammin on the new site :star_struck:


Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t the site looks somehow noisy ?

I had some difficulties to see what bits of information are important…
Many colors, many waves. lot of shadow… various boxes of different sizes.
Bold font, various sizes, various font colors.
Looks payful yet square.

I’m wondering if it’s displayed as it should on my screen…


Hi @Josh could you please help us point out in which page you found the link “learn more about Safecoin” is not working? Or is it the “Read more about Safecoin” on the homepage under “The New Digital Economy” section?

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It’s sort of me too, I guess. The yellow and orange aren’t really my thing, but tastes differ.

EDIT as per @happybeing’s suggestion: I have a 24" monitor. I hardly ever use small fiddly devices like smartphones.


the new website is gorgeous. a lot less blue than i expected, but i like the new colour-scheme! important thing though to bring twitter etc in line with it. good work guys and girls, as always :slight_smile:


Nice!!! Thanks @maidsafe! I won’t let you down :muscle:


That looks amazing on a mobile. :+1:

There’s evidently a lot of work and thought gone into the content.
It reads really well and the emphasis is spot on target. Very well done!

Looking at the noisy comment… there’s perhaps tweak on the flow for desktop browsers to help focus… but amazing website and some perhaps will like that noisy style… catering for the generation who can’t focus, I don’t know about :slight_smile:


ok, but cant figure out what these blue/yellow bugs are… crawling over the safecoin page…
and the official safecoin logo nowhere to be seen? can we add it?



Love the magazine like layout, newspaper cutout-ish, grabs the attention and keeps it - you just want to keep
scrolling down for more information.

Great work!

One comment. Would it cheapen the design if you included a price ticket for the token under the
buying maidsafe section?

Some people might like to see price movements and history.


The site looks very cutting edge, a lot different to the norm. Zany in fact. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!


That’s the one yes, just tried again… on mobile if it helps.
Sorry about the confusion.


I love the freedom by expression angle! Really impressive site.


Probably worth submitting here:


Hey @TylerAbeoJordan thanks so much for your feedback.
I’ve got them captured now and the team will review. Many thanks


@Josh I’ve found the link you are referring to, and I take it by your screen shot you are on mobile.
I’ve captured the issue and the team will look into it. thanks


@Shankar I’ve found the broken link and logged it :slight_smile: