Whitepapers lyx files not readable

I’m trying to open the whitepapers located at Whitepapers/technical_papers at master · maidsafe/Whitepapers · GitHub

but when I try to load them with lyx 2.1.2 on Debian, I get this error: “Safecoin.lyx is not a readable LyX document.

Do you know why and/or how I can fix it so I can read those documents?

wait I’ll check if I can open it on ubuntu

Thanks, but I didn’t have issues with downloading it and open it as text file, I’m actually trying to render it with lyx. I’ll keep looking on the web though since some must have had the same issue.

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Sorry I read it wrong then, time to got to sleep for me

Good luck and keep up the good work

maybe not the latest version? Try compiling from latest source? Debian’s often not all that up to date.

I will try, although the files have this comment at the beginning so I assumed it should be ok with v2.1.2: “#LyX 2.1 created this file. For more info see http://www.lyx.org/

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I figured it out, it’s working fine, it was just that when downloading them some html tags were being included.

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Well thanks anyway for this thread to remind me of the existence of that fine piece of text editor :joy_cat:

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You can also find some in the maidsafe-archieve GitHub as well and they are pdf