The cancer in our tribe

It seems to me there is this like political party here. Their ideals seem to be protecting some vague but sacrosanct “long term” by shunning any immediate movement. I just want to point out I think this is not fully logical because to achieve long term goals you need to do nitty gritty things like put your pants on in the morning. For example I thought it would be a fun easy thing for us to pick a day and all give Fleming a shout out on twitter (see the thread here: Twitter pump - Sat March 23 - #15 by andyypants ) However I now think I should have just quietly done this on my own instead of put it out to the community, as all I got in response were arguments (that seemed quite flawed to me) that somehow promoting the SAFE network today was a sin we would pay for in the long run. If it was just some people playing devils advocate that’s one thing but EVERY response was this party line. Now I am not saying these are bad people that don’t contribute to the community, but they also shut down people that want to contribute in a different way.

As a salesman by trade, my skill is getting peoples attention so they can then hear the message of these long term thinkers. Think of it in layers just like the SAFE network: we need a layer of people doing the complex computations but we also need this other layer that is just the messenger of that “higher” level and grabs the attention of other parts of the network and delivers the message. Without this layer we just have a bunch of pie in the sky ideas doing nothing. I just want to cooperate and leverage each others strong points but it seems to me only one kind of strength is valued here.

The reason I would compare it to a cancer is because it only spreads: every time people with unique talents are publicly excluded from contributing it becomes less likely anyone else would try to contribute in a way outside party ideals. What seems to constantly come up is something like this straw man fallacy: sometimes scamcoins try to use sales tactics to get you to buy something overvalued, therefore any sales effort is bad even if you are giving people useful info about something that could help them.

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I’m sure when the time is right people will gladly shout from the rooftops about safe network. I know I will :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think your error was calling it a pump.

If you had suggested a coordinated tweet promotion of Fleming when it is announced, or teaser days up to the announcement, you may have had a different response. But pump has an obvious connotation around artificial price manipulation that you may think is fine, but I don’t think many here do.

Suggesting those who didn’t like your idea are part of a ‘cancer’ and ‘political party’ shows a lack of tact that won’t earn you respect or friends. You can disagree and put your case without any of that, and I think you’ll have a much better chance of getting people to join you if you did.

Frankly, I don’t think you have a good enough attitude to organise marketing and get a group together to help you, so I’m less likely to read what you post after this.


Also many here have been here for years and learnt the timeframes involved.

Imagine advertising some new toothpaste 5 years before it will be available and expecting people to stay in contact waiting on each new aspect of it till its ready. SAFE is a little like that, it is a long term project and as such requires a different approach.

As @happybeing says there was perhaps errors in your terminology when presenting it. Also we have seen a few flash in the pan plans to jump up and market SAFE only to see those people fall away themselves (or remain) but the disappointment was evident.

We are at alpha 2 stage and Fleming is alpha 3. They are not networks that people will typically be interested in (unfortunately and found out by experience).

And by comments you made in other topics you are leaning towards this being a project to see the coin raise in price and wondered why everyone would not see it that way (and used Pump in topic title). So you have to expect some pushback since quite a number of people here are not here for the coin price but for the project itself and are buying the coin to use on the network.

Now your comment about wanting to reach out to others is entirely endorsed by all who commented on your topic and hopefully by everyone in the forum. So really we are for you to promote SAFE and to continue to do so. Again as @happybeing suggested it was the unfortunate use of the word pump in the topic and in especially the speculation topic when you mentioned creating the pump topic.

There is definitely no Cancer that I can see and only helpful advise and meaningful help from those longer term members. Some of us have been involved in decade(s) long projects/research and know many of the pitfalls already. This can seem like people trying to put the brakes on, but really trying to be prepared for the long distance run that will be needed.

There was a reason that Maidsafe did not have a marketing team 2 or 3 years ago since it was too early and now they are getting up to speed as the project progresses towards the finishing line. But that line is still a way off. We need alpha 3 and experience tells us that its still a little ways off, but soon relative to a very long project. Alpha 4 could be this year or next, it depends on bugs, test results, etc. Beta is still next year at best estimates but could be 2021 if things cause it to be delayed. So a pump of promotions now is likely to be seen by longer term members as being only to pump the price and of course there will be pushback.

This is good since the project itself needs this. And you should be applauded for doing this. It has nothing to do with the effect on price and for many/some of us the price looks after itself as long as we focus on the project itself and promoting the project for the projects sake. If we promote it for the price sake then the project will eventually fall like most other blockchain projects.