SAFE Network T-Shirts

If I made SAFE Network T-Shirts, would it be OK if I sell them online?


I personally have no worries about that, I am sure it’s a good thing. I certainly cannot see any harm only help so good luck if you do. Shona has all the images in any case (they are all available on the site for download)


We make our living by running a business to business commercial printing shop (If you can think it, we can ink it!) . Family owned and staffed. We have been mostly local but are reaching out more and more. The new website is in progress, we are rebranding but the new site is

We can get nice shirts printed for you very reasonably. Send an email with more info and we will get you prices and even if you don’t order from us give any help with keeping the cost down etc.

Mods I’m not a spammer I was here before this came up :smile:



You should make these shirts,

I’d buy.


Send me the graphic and I will add it to the collection.

Do you provide web hosting?

I only ripped it from @John, he is the one with the original graphic, I think.

Hi, i’m not the original artist, and i don’t really think the design is that relevant to “taking back the internet”

Personally, i like the t-shirts with the ants, i’m getting some printed locally this week, now that the sun is out. :smile:

It was the neo-con’ish type attitude i was attacking , we also have these overbearing types in Scotland/uk. I do hope i have not offended any of the brilliant Americans involved in SAFE. Thanks


No offense taken, I actually like the shirt so much I want to make one with the MAID SAFE logo on it. I was thinking keep the front of the shirt the same and add the MAID SAFE logo on the sleeves.

@nicklambert I would like to donate a portion of the proceeds to the MAID SAFE Foundation. Where do I send the check?

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@Shona the images at are great, do you have any more and do you have these in a higher resolution?

That’s very generous of you, @justine_mclevy will be the one to speak to about that. If they haven’t already the Foundation Trustees were talking about setting up a BTC account to make these type of things more efficient.

Hey, I’m not brilliant, but I am American and I thought the shirt was amazing.

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No, we don’t do web hosting. I do know an individual who does and has for quite a few years now if you are wanting to deal with a person/family rather than a company or corp.

Sorry for the confusion, a lesson learned.
I found the website for the t-shirt. :smile:

is there anyway now I can buy the original Maidsafe ant T-shirt ?

Yeah, which one are you looking for in a higher res? The vectors are all there too which can be scaled to any size.

Just send your details by PM to either @ioptio if you are based in the US, or @justine_mclevy if you’re located elsewhere and they’ll sort you out!

Do you have the Adverts in EPS?

Come and get your SAFE Swag!!! :smile:

Choose your swag, customize it with your favorite SAFE graphics and make it your own. Everything from T-shirts to coffee mugs.