Target Groups for Early Adoption

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What highly populated techno savvy group (s) will benefit the greatest from/by the existence of the SAFE Network?


Fixed that for you.

That said, the users will come once the apps come, so off hand I’d imagine you’d want to go to hackathons, silicon valley, software development conferences, and stuff that in the meat space. Dataspace wise, I’d guess you could hit up sites like stackexchange, or try to get covered by techcrunch.

Hate to say it but journalists will tend to focus on the same headline grabbing early adopters as with previous new technology (internet, bitcoin etc). Criminals, pornographers, copyright violators and the ever expanding definition of terrorists… It just comes with the territory. As a community will have to brace for this type of negative news levelled at us almost as an accusation, how dare we support such a network.
I am no marketing type but preparing some ways to bring rationality to the debate in short simple catchy sound bites that can be repeated ad nauseam whenever the sillyness starts might help alleviate/avoid the Safe Network getting too much of a bad name.


Interesting - criminals rank very high as creators of legitimate wealth and employment - Think about industries that are augmented/driven by criminal activity - Online Security/Virus Protection, Law Enforcement, NSA, Justice System, Payments Security, BLOCKCHAIN… and more… all driven by the dark underbelly of society. Gotta luv those guys. Man they’ve made a few people very wealthy.


Atmospheric assessment and predictions via distributed computing, protein folding, computational drug design, and other types of molecular dynamics. Large data retention firms or organizations. Deep learning systems targeting various tasks including A.I. and current autonomous technologies. True democratic liberation in the form of secure voting via non anonymous SAFE ID’s. Alternative news aggregation. Distributed gaming. Small startup companies with a small technical infrastructure budget. Including those presented above, the list is fairly large and non trivial. Lets continue to enumerate them here for the future and the sake of dispelling this negative air related to all anonymity networks.


That does give me the idea that perhaps you could focus on marketing the data protection quality of safe to companies/organizations that themselves are big targets for hackers, as well as the obvious cost savings.Given Mr. Irvine’s intentions, it is ironic that the safecoin aspect could be the cherry on top that sells the cake by appealing to the investor side of said organizations.

As for the kiddy porn haven image problem, I honestly go back and forth on how important that issue is. Obviously, if safenet becomes known as the place you get kiddy porn and drugs from, no one use the service but criminals and any start-up known to be using the network will have their reputation hit. On the other hand, TOR is the place you get kiddy porn and drugs from and you don’t see people attacking that network as a kiddy porn haven, so perhaps it comes down to perseption?

Anyway, the way I see it is that if you have non-criminal devs, you have non-criminal users. If you have non-criminal users, then safenet becomes the legitimate backend for app devs and the kiddy porn/drugs becomes that spot on the rug that people don’t pay attention to, so go after the devs.

This doesn’t change the reality of the matter, safenet allows criminal websites to thrive and not be caught, the media bias will most likely during the beginning will be drawn to these bad things even if there is 1000 legit websites or programs and only 1 say drug market place for example , they will still focus on that one drugs market place.

You can argue all day that having non-criminal devs drawing in non criminal users but that wont stop media and news talking about the negative aspects of the network , over time and development that will change thou, just like bitcoin

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Torrent Users are the target group


Next time somebody confronts you about anonymity and its criminal uses, ask them this. “Would you sacrifice the needs of the many to MERELY inconvenience the few?” If that person proceeds to argue that there is no need for anonymity remind them that anonymity allows for unpopular ideas and beliefs to flow freely among the list other benefits it can provide. Destroying privacy and revolutionary systems just to have criminals migrate to other systems is foolish and narrow minded. Criminals will always find a way because they don’t give a flying ****. We on the other hand become crippled. Tell me, who wins?


I have never used torrents, but I would have to agree, they are the largest P2P users of ISP networks now and cannot see any reason why they would not change over. Only if SAFE was slower, which I doubt.

It gives them no issues with their files not being seeded anymore.

The other group is the users of NNTP (news) servers. Specifically the binary groups where files are stored. People pay money each month to access NNTP servers which have longer term retention. Some 5TB per day is added to news servers (last I looked it up)

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I would aim for the high security needs first. Bitcoin wallet providers – other cryptocurrency exchanges/users… There are a lot of financial websites that would be wise to move to a SAFE environment. (Think Mint etc)

SAFE really has the potential to solve the problem of securing private keys in a manner that is safe enough to be trusted… There are not a lot of other options anywhere near as secure as SAFE for that…

There is going to be a high barrier to entry for just generic content. The regular internet is pretty darn cheap. I have been looking quite a bit at IPFS - and I think it has a massive potential to slide in under the current internet and solve a lot of the centralization issues without the users even noticing… That is going to be hard to compete with if you have data that you want to share that is just plain old public website data that isn’t at risk of censorship or hacking… People don’t often choose a walled garden unless they need walls, because walls keep people out. IPFS doesn’t solve the encryption piece… They also don’t solve the redundancy yet – Although they have their own coin system in the works to remedy that.

Once people are within the walled garden all kinds of options open up. But getting them in will be the big challenge… I suspect those evading the copyright laws or political censorship will be enticed to move to SAFE quickly…

I have thought about the CMP Panned Parenthood videos and the attempts to censor them through the courts. I suspect SAFE could be used to prevent court intervention like that – If I have 12 videos and I want to release them over 12 weeks. I could drop them in SAFE and they could never be taken down. Then you could probably use a smart contract or the like to release them once a week, and once it was set up, no court could stop it… The trigger was already pulled… Censorship of political content/propaganda is quite common for many different causes of all political flavors. SAFE is a way to prevent censorship.

It’s going to be exciting when the whole system is so revolutionary there will almost instantly be countless demonstrations of revolutionary acts that cannot be stopped and garner the heaviest media attention even possible.

So @sfcoin where do the influential Torrent dudes/dudettes hangout? And @neo in your opinion, what would be the best approach to capture a small percentage of the NNTP storage biz?

Some argue America would not exist today without John Rolf bringing tobacco to Jamestown. Jamestown had failed to successfully survive until the cash crop export of tobacco started. John Rolf risked his life and was considered a criminal that deserved the death penalty for bringing tobacco seeds outside of Spain.

Rolfe was one of a number of businessmen who saw the opportunity to undercut Spanish imports by growing tobacco in England’s new colony in Virginia. Rolfe had somehow obtained seeds to take with him from a special popular strain then being grown in Trinidad and South America, even though Spain had declared a penalty of death to anyone selling such seeds to a non-Spaniard.

Many influential American revolutionaries, including Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, owned tobacco plantations, and were financially devastated by debt to British tobacco merchants shortly before the American Revolution.

Moonshine in America is also credited for moving settlers further west to avoid taxes. Also including Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

My point of bringing this up is we should focus on the dreamers and geniuses that have a vision on how to unlock the benefits of the earth for all people. I understand tobacco and smugglers probably aren’t the best target groups, but imagine if the native Americans had the most powerful network of human genius at their disposal…hopefully someone gets my point here :persevere:

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Why does it matter if they’re criminal? You do realize man that everyone on this forum would probably be considered “terrorists” just for questioning the government or even developing or using this technology. You’re splitting hairs here.

Well there are at least 2 here in this forum who have mentioned they use NNTP. But I guess its harder for NNTP news to spread, but one could post (don’t spam) in each of the major binary groups that some popular files are available on SAFE (after they have been uploaded) and maybe a few will take a look see and mention it in the groups (or associated discussion groups). EG the doctor who binary group has a lot of discussions and maybe a good place to post about SAFE building up a who library of shows.

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The #1 best thing we can possibly do in this regard is get hosted on SAFE

That is still the #1 torrent website, and always goes down for a few days at a time because of the govt.

It has a huge following, but people accept these “down days” as part of the experience.

But once it’s on SAFE forever, then that will pull basically all torrent users onto SAFE.

…where they’ll find that they no longer need torrents at all lol :wink:


Great idea @neo .

Can you please clarify and expand on your comment…

I think SAFE will be relavent to pretty much everyone in North America if the TPP goes through, and it’s looking like they will push that through. Also to add to the list are scientists, especially independent scientists. You could crowdfund for money and use SAFE to publish your work. Activists of course will be interested in SAFE.

And the probability of being able to make that happening is ____%? :grinning: