community page (live streaming tv) crowdfunding

What I want to do on the safe-network is to have live steaming system setup of sporting events or community events that people can not attend because of age/disability or social economic reasons. I wanted to create an app and become a millionaire but it is way past my skills and my knowledge.

My thoughts is have an open source app that anyone can copy and paste to their own public community page and have the software engineering coded and to be paid by crowdfunding. How the developer would benefit is the being paid for the creation and in the future having people download and getting rewarded in the future.

How the user of the app may benefit is by providing a service that a big major event of the community may want to view a live sporting event, or a community event like a local theater show.

Early adopters of safe network should be able be the first to create a public page for there local community and be rewarded no matter what their ability is in coding skills. I love social media to be decentralized into thousands of community applications. I do not want to see a Facebook created where only the developer benefits, as Facebook is nothing without the community putting all it efforts into making content. I believe content should be rewarded.

My question is for a community page app, what features would like to see, example, local buy and sell, neighborhood watch live, community live tv… local Craigslist.

and would anyone like to fund a project if we could find a developer to code a project giving everyone free access to the template and features.

and how could make a crowdfund legit? (maybe maid safe foundation could hold the funds)

edit. with such an app a whole new local economy could be created that the world has never seen


My ideas are of apps on community page.

shop stop ( can you get me some milk, I pay you in safe coins)
cup of sugar (can I borrow “cup of sugar” resource sharing)
neighbor hood watch (hey neighbor there is a guy in your yard, you may want take a look)
The handy man ( neighbor can you mow my lawn I pay you in safe coin)
The brute with a ute (help me move house) (please take garden waste to the dump)
business ten minute special ( 10 minutes 30% of &**&*&)
sorry you could not come (live streaming theater tickets)
The pub at home (Skype app with a live band)
home grown ( share my veges with my neighbors)
day out (community crowd found charity event)
free internet mesh

I have endless thoughts and ideas, but it is about linking local community together in decentralized way without the system interfering

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I pledge 15k of safe coin to the maid safe foundation or a pod if anyone is interested in crowdfunding a project like this in the future as a investor to build out a framework web page app to which has ability to have plugins install for your own community needs.

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Check my post in “Most wanted app” thread. We share many ideas. Good luck with your endeavor!

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That is just trolling someones idea, and disrespectful !!! smile have a nice day…

Sorry Justin (I had to laugh about the pic of goingdeep (looks like a stoned baby))

On the serious note have you taken a look @ It’s opensource and could help you with your idea, right now it works with bitcoins, maybe in the future you could let someone wire it up for you to work with SAFEcoins.

You can find the sourcecode here. Btw it seems to primairly be for the desktop right now.