Step by step guide to running an ubuntu node?


Is there an easy guide for this?


If it’s helpful, here’s what I’ve been doing for node-launchpad on new Ubuntu VPS’ to get going:

1: update package list: apt update

2: Install unzip: apt install unzip

3: download node-launchpad: wget

4: unzip node-launchpad: unzip

5: run node-launchpad: ./node-launchpad

6: follow instructions here:

I am trying to put together a similar step-by-step process for safenode-manager, but I can’t get it working tonight using the same process as I used last night to do it, so I’ll only share it when it’s working for me!


This works for me on Ubuntu 22.04


curl -sSL | sudo bash
safeup node-manager

Node manager

If you have already done tests to start unsuccessfully use:

rm -rf ~/.local/share/safe
  • and Restart your computer!

Next I am using one of my nodes from another machine to connect to the network, if I use the default ones or the ones provided later I don’t connect…

safenode-manager add --count 1 --home-network --owner dimitarsafenetworkbulgaria --peer /ip4/

safenode-manager start

safenode-manager status


curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.3 -sSf | sh
source $HOME/.cargo/env
sudo apt install build-essential
cargo install vdash
sudo /home/dimitar/.cargo/bin/vdash --glob-path /home/dimitar/.local/share/safe/node/**/logs/safenode.log

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@southside are you out there brother? would you mind, if you’ve got a minute or two, to chime in with the RPi version of this?
pretty please and thank you


I am out there, way out there on a Greek island,
looong way from my Pis, it will be 5-6 days till I can offer proper help.
Try @scottefc86.


If your running Ubuntu give this guide a try A dummies guide to starting a node if your running pi I’m not much help and you will have to wait until Southside is back in the country (if they let him back in that is :joy:)


There is apparently a problem with the published binaries for Raspberry. They link to the wrong key for the network so while they earn nanos they can’t be sent to MaidSafe for the rewards program. If you are in Wave 1 I’d hold off and wait for a new version. If you aren’t in the Rewards program maybe that doesn’t matter as you could just keep them and use them to upload but I wonder if they are spendable on this network?

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Great thanks everyone. Was looking for somewhere to start when i get time. I don’t use ubuntu much but i have a blank VM of it i can spin up and set running.



While you are poping in, I gave you the discord ID for the account you used to ask me for it. Your normal discord ID had underscores

Sorry about that

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