Help with safenode manager on windows

I’m trying to install safenode manager on win 11 I’m following the instructions on github.

so I used that cmd line in powershell (run as admin) and it looked like it successfully installed but then I’m reading here:

and when I enter the client cmd I get errors like this:

I’m new to this and hope someone can help

Thanks :slight_smile:

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The help should say “subcommands” really.

What it means is you can do safeup client as one line.

You can also get help on that using safeup client --help.

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ok so I need to install all those binaries first? then I could start setting up the nodes?

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You only need launchpad OR safenode-manager

In the discord server in the autonomi-news channel on the 5th of June are the instructions

And in later news there is instructions if problems


yes I know I’m trying to run the safenode manager because I can run more than 50 nodes I think my router can handle up to 500 nodes (mikrotik rb5009)

and ok thanks I’ll check for that post in the news channel

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ok so I got here so far and just not sure if that is ok and I can start the nodes or if I need to fix something?

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Are you running it from drive D: ? Maybe it is looking for a file on drive C:. Just a guess.

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Also maybe your virus checker / windows defender is removing it as soon as its written to disk. You will need to make an exception in those products if that is the case

Read these instructions, from this post and on there are some more instructions that can help you:

thank you :slight_smile:

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