Star articles

Hello there.

Since a week I noticed it is not possible to “star” articles on this forum.
Has the option been removed from the website?

I suspect that discourse may have removed this feature based on a discussion I read on their forum a few months ago

I think we need a Meta/ FAQ on Bookmarks.

The star functionality has been superseded by Bookmarks, when you bookmark a reply, the icon turns blue and shows up on the homepage topic list.

So you can bookmark at the reply level and create a flow of discourse that makes sense to you, rather re-reading the entire thread…at least thats how I understand.

In addition:

  • Once a topic gets to a certain size, the topic map under the first
    post allows you to switch to “Best of” view which filters the topic
    down to just the most interesting posts. This is measured by a
    scoring formula which includes reply count, number of bookmarks,
    number of likes, number of reads, read time, length, incoming links,
    and so on. Posts below a certain threshold are filtered out in this
  • You can filter long discussions by people, also in the topic map.
    Expand it, then click on the avatars to show just posts by that
    person in the topic. Click again to keep filtering, so you see posts
    by just Tom, then just Tom and Martha, then just Tom and Martha and
    Steve, etc. This is a mode similar to best of that you can switch out
    of and back to seeing all posts with a click.

Ah, Ok its bookmars now. Cool.

Yes, it’s pretty the same as before but it’s called Bookmark instead of Star.

Combining Stars and Bookmarks

The relationship between bookmarking (which worked on any post) and starring (which only worked on topics) was always a subject of debate. To keep Discourse easy to understand, we’ve now combined those two very similar concepts into bookmark. You’ll notice that any topic with a bookmark on it, anywhere, will show up with a bookmark icon — and clicking or tapping on that bookmark icon will take you to your first bookmarked post in the topic. Try it out!