Hello, im a noobie here. How can i watch posts?

Sup guys, my name is Liber. Im interested to use the safe browser, but i have to reach to level 1…
Well, i want to read 180 posts and that, but all i see is topics, not posts :confused:
Can someone help me here? lol

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Hi Liber, welcome the the Safenetforum!
Every single topic is made of posts:) Just spend some time on this forum and you’ll see that it’s actually very easy to become a Basic user
For further questions all the community will be pleased to help you


Ohhh! Thank you :slight_smile:

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Once you become the member of this forum then you can post your quarries or can see the post. But if you are using yahoo mail like me, then you may be facing some issue while getting the confirmation email. If so then just contact Yahoo Support they will help you to get the mail.