Ssfe network app reported as suspicious by avg

Not that im worried, but just reporting it here.
Ive had the app and avg installed for a long time and its never been flagged up by avg before now.

AVG is one reason I got a lot of callouts to fix people’s computers. It false flags things and misses virus that are old or new. Very poor checker in my books.

Also there was that safe network (and safecoin) a while back that was talked about and the reason we will not be calling SNT safecoin

So its quite possible that the suspicious flag is due to that scam safecoin network. Also many virus checkers flag any crypto app

My thoughts.

Possibly correct, it was never flagged till this week though, so i suspect it was a change rolled out in the last update which i believe was very recently.
Its also possible im entirely wrong though.

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