Someone is selling more than 15 million sefecoin

someone is selling more than 15 million sefecoins the two market platform.
is the seller David Johnston?

Big sell for sure, certainly its not me :smile: I would be happy with that, but not to sell it :wink: somebodies lucky


According to hearsay it’s a guy who own(ed) a BTC mining pool.

So selling out of necessity?

seems like a an important event for the price… if we can get enough buying pressure to buy this out it could be huge.

Of course I don’t have any idea what’s going on and why.

And I don’t know if he’s selling. I see (the URL) that the coins were sent from one address to another. Maybe he’s just shuffling pocket change between his wallets? Or maybe he sent his MAID to the exchange to slowly sell it later?

lol…look at the bitcoin price…227.50 dollar
Safecoin now back to 3.8 cents

I was also just speculating, can’t help myself.

could you perhaps share the URL link if it’s not a problem?

It’s on Google, just google the address.

He is selling, lot’s of 100K orders appeared at MasterXchange. And 20K orders at Poloniex.

Price will rocket up when ProjectSAFE demostrates that it works outside the lab. Will generate its own market. Untill then more speculation. The release of the model S and positive reviews that wouldnt go away helped Tesla.


I’m adding this topic to my starred list, because within 15 years those 15 million SAFEcoins will be worth 15 trips to SPACE. It’s like I’m in the twilightzone, because the Maidsafecoins are so extremely LOW. Every time I buy some more SAFEcoins I do it with a big smile on my face.

With all the wealth confiscation that’s happening having something like SAFEcoin (Untrackable/instant/freeTX/worldwide/secured sweet Jesus need I say more? (not in government or feds control)) is a Godsend.

BTW when I talk about a trip to space, I talk about going to Mars. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you really want to understand the value of a SAFEcoin think of Nasa using the SAFE network for missions like this @ a significant lower cost in comparison to AWS:

Think about the LHC finally being able to store all it’s data on the SAFE network… If 3 billion people would be on the SAFE network and provide resources… 1 SAFEcoin will probably be worth 10 (999.9 Gold bars). People are really underestimating the real value of this, that’s why I love this twilightzone


Gordon Brown and the Conservatives plan out loud to make tech like SAFE illegal (like a ban on cloning only infinitely harder to enforce.) Then we get a small single seller sell off. Oh no its MI5 & MI6. We did have a smear article before that. We regret to inform you sir that your patent is illegal! Even better I wasn’t trying to make money from it.

In the book “The Death of Money” the author talks about trying to get the Fed, Treasure and Intelligence community to take financial warfare seriously. He said they refused to get past the idea that financial warfare wasn’t about trying to make money and would dismiss it out of hand. He’d tell them that it wasn’t about making money and the players didn’t care about losses and he lose them. Apparently the Pentagon and Boeing took the idea seriously. Maybe they are starting to see SAFE as financial warfare, which is an viewpoint that may have come by way of bitcoin where they have taken to arresting some players.

What a great time to buy more. Thanks for the update. Wow 15 million seems like a big amount. It should be good to spread that out a little more. Looking at the wallet it says 5 million?

Price falls currently, likely this is the cause, along with the BTC crash at the same time. Looks like BTC is actually going to be in the one hundred soon.

At the same time, 5 million MaidSafeCoins is the trade volume of about 4 days of trading. I don’t think MaidSafeCoin will crash that much lower.

Wow, that went fast. Bitcoin at $185 already. I feel like 2015 is going to be the year of the altcoins, with some of the better ones breaking through and coming closer to Bitcoin while Bitcoin keeps falling.

I think in every respect, other than price, bitcoin has been fairing really well. It is being used more and more (wallets increased 4x in 2014, merchants doubled), investment has increased by 4x and major companies now accept it, such as Microsoft, Dell and Paypal. I’m still pretty bullish abount btc in 2015 and wouldn’t write it off just yet.

While the low btc price has security and speed implications for the network, it still has huge influence over the price of all other currencies and many of the app coins I personally struggle to see the point of, with many being clones or offering very few features. I think that 2015 will be a great year for select few app coins, ones that offer utility, uniqueness and well considered economic models.


Maybe also, a year of cooperation between blockchain companies and moves towards some standardization.

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