Outstanding Maidsafecoin

I recently bought some Maidsafecoin and was just curious if anyone knows if there is a limit on the number of outstanding coins. Is there a cap on the amount of Maidsafecoins that will be sold before the actual Safecoin launches? If so, does anyone know what the remaining supply of Maidsfecoins is?


Yes (430 million [edit thanks @Al_Kafir ) it was during the crowd sale. there are no new maidsafe coins since then and will not be ever. When safecoin launches these will all be swapped 1:1 for safecoin which has a limit of 4.3 billion but recycles.

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Ah yes sorry heading out for an hour, I will edit that. I am so money driven it’s just unreal :smiley:


Thanks for the info! (I’m blown away that the response came from @dirvine himself!)…cheers on the work so far and for taking the time to keep involved on the boards while juggling everything else. Can’t wait to see what is on the horizon for the project!


He’s extremely active on this forum, I agree it’s very nice to be able to directly communicate with the founder of this great idea.