Some thoughts from The SAFE Cafe last night

Build Free, Build Open, Be Rewarded

So last night during The SAFE Cafe (starting at 35:43ish) I tried my best to articulate what BuildItHub is. To be clear we don’t want to build an institution (a business), but rather an infrastructure that makes aggregation of SAFE teams and building of projects as easy and efficient as humanly possible.

It was mentioned later on that there are currently web 2.0 tools that help facilitate the infrastructure of OVNs. It would be a huge help if people could list off any tools they know of that people are using today to help facilitate this type of open structure.

In my current job we spend a lot of time understanding the issues people are having. Before we write any code we do some non-tech trials to answer questions and verify assumptions we have. Some of my assumptions are that current tools are not enough to do what we want, but how close are we in the web 2.0 world?