Are there any future project builders active on the forum?

After waiting for all these years I can imagine that a lot of people who had plans to build on top of the SAFE Network chose another platform to work with or do something totally different.

Besides Project Decorum, is there anyone who is planning to build a project on the network?


No reason to expect the negative?..

There’s alsorts of opportunity alongside alsorts of uncertainty.

Once there’s something stable, I’d expect there will be option for any noob to switch example free code projects and test the limits of what is practical; and then project owners might do the same, especially if there are tools that act as force multipliers; then perhaps there will also be what is new and uniquely Safe Network because of what it is.

There’s a prospect of course that in a secure environment, a lot of projects that are not possible on the unSafe internet become possible and even trivial to implement.

but first, more about what is possible, needs to be apparent… what messaging and whether there is anything for user interaction - and the costs relative to everything too.

There a bit of uncertainty too about what will be available as base…
So, if Safe Network has option to mount, that perhaps is most of what DropBox and others do for secure storage, just options to patch some UI, might be easy to do.
Also, it might need a change of perspective - centralised controlled service providers for profit might not be the model, where the emphasis is on gadgets for individuals to do xyz for themselves. If you can access secure data storage, then a lot of more UI and less nuts and blots?

and the other significant unknowns about whether Safe Network is just behind the scenes for service providers to the normal internet or if there is in future any direct option for having head domain on internet and body on Safe Network, which might server website providers to a point, at least for the static content.

I’m sure there’s more I’ve not thought of there…

Question perhaps is to define a project builder - best alt world would be that anyone can do… with the right tools. :smiley:


Thanks for the answer but I wasn’t hinting for explanations about WHY developers would or wouldn’t build on the project. I’m just curious if there are people here that will be building something.

I wasn’t answering the WHY, I was noting the What’s required.
Count me in … but I don’t know what yet.

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@happybeing is working on Git Portal—a decentralized GitHub. More info here: Safenetwork Git Portal Discussion

@Nigel is working on JAMS—a music dApp


A couple of us are working on JAMS which will focus firstly on a music library and music player and expand off of that to be a platform.


and something along the lines of a youtube for videos, surely will be more a matter of noting detail and presentation… so much simpler, with the storage sorted and the user uploading what they are willing to share at cost.

The problem might be what makes for good filters and the option for users to overlap opinions to resolve quality.

Still - the biggest use case might be what is private data and the tools for that.
It’ll be interesting to see more of what is development linux like for the user, rather than for ye olde stinky profit motive.

While I think of it the option for collaborative projects exists too… with open data comes opportunity for progress.


I am ‘planning to build a project’, in the sense that I’ll definitely build projects if there are dead-easy tools for project-building for non-developers. I have a list with four or five projects, a couple of which I’m very fond of. I have drawn up some mock designs for site structures, have thought of a few names and written out some content, have some strategies to try and get them rolling.

If there isn’t some sort of copy-paste website building thing available I’ll be either paying someone to do it for me, or making a stab at throwing things together myself. That last option is the hardest and the most appealing with the most learning involved, so I’m working on that, but I’m very new to computer stuff generally. Plus I’ve a full time job, so, it is progressing but my eggs are not all in that basket.

This is a lot less exciting than what @happybeing and @Nigel are up to in my opinion, but technically I fit the criteria of the question, I believe.


Don’t sell yourself short @JayBird. The more people reach for that same goal and even better if someone highly capable can make that easier for them, then the Safe Network will be a much more interesting place for it.


Yes, planning on building a few apps between jobs. I have a few ideas floating about, but I want a stable (ish) API and test net first.

The last time I did some safe network dev, we had the local REST API. That got binned and the FUSE project got put on ice. I don’t have much free time, so I want to make sure there is some sort of foundations built first.