A Call to Action

The Vision:

BuildItHub will be a SAFE Network Meta application that will help facilitate the ability for us builders (I’m including thinkers, devs, designers, planners and marketers and probably more roles I’ve not thought of yet in this term) with a diversity of opinions to work autonomously, yet together on many different projects, learning from each other, creating value and earning fair compensation for our efforts.

What is an Open Value Network?

If you have not yet had a chance to watch Tiberus Brastaviceanue’s talk on OVNs you will probably want to in order to understand where we currently see things headed with this.

In short an OVN is an open and flat project or collection of projects that does exactly what the vision paragraph above says. Each OVN has it’s own structure and governance though there are a few general things that all OVNs must adopt.

Our Experiment - A Wise Crowd

I am envious of the legendary individuals who can seemingly do it all themselves. The truth seems to be that each of us is individually limited in our time, our energy, our intellect, our experiences and our wisdom. Each of us has the opportunity to bring something of value to the table. This is a call to action to anyone who sees potential value in this project and wants to see it a reality. This is a call to action for any and all app devs that hope to build example apps and production apps with others.

I have no clue what the future holds but my hope is that a collaboration of builders will join together and make history…