Social platform use (poll)

Which of the following do you use most days?

  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Mastodon
  • Kbin
  • Lemmy
  • Other fediverse (pls comment)

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Also, if you don’t mind saying, please identify which federated apps you use most days, in a reply to this post.

Include your handle if you want.

Safe Network now on Kbin

In a similar vein to the migration of users from Twitter to Mastodon there are many users leaving Reddit for Kbin or Lemmy right now. A lot of Reddit mods have disabled their subreddits in protest at the Reddit CEO cutting off third party apps in the same way Musk has with Twitter, and many, including some very popular subs have already set up Kbin instances to provide a new home for their subreddits.

To provide a place for Safe Network fans who want to try out a federated alternative to Reddit, I have set up a ‘magazine’ on Kbin at Secure Access For Everyone, autonomous p2p network -

To post you need an account on, but if you are on Mastodon or and other federated app you can follow using your existing fedi account.


Most days I use Twitter, Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp for various groups etc.

Looking forward to Safe replacing all :wink:


I just tried to sign up to kbin, or I did. But i missed the verification email w/ 1 hour validity (by minutes).

And now, i can reset my password, but my account is not active so I can’t login… And there’s no obvious way to resend the activation email… Anyone have any ideas? (cc @happybeing ??)

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None of the above!.. used to like Reddit but overzealous moderation a couple of years back did for me. Then twitter till last year. Fediverse didn’t click in the way twitter did.

Reddit had one big advantage over the like of current Discourse forums, with the ability to fork threads and spawn many thoughts on one topic. It’s a wonder Discourse hasn’t included that already. Small forums with a Reddit like capability would work well… and the scope of those would make any moderation easier… esp if the future is dull AI mods.


+1 for me too . . that option should prob be added . .


the main thing that killed Reddit for me, is constantly being asked if I want to open pages in the app, or stick to the browser. And then having to expand the page etc. So infantilising.

Just show me the damn thread!


With reddit on the cusp of an implosion moment, there really is a bit of a gap in the market someone should be trying to fill. Hell of an opportunity to get it right


You could try SM hashtag #kbin or tag the author on fedi: or Twitter a gh issue.



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Fedi is fun:

seems like it just let me in eventually. :person_shrugging:


Nostr pretty exclusively


I rotate through FB, Reddit, and Twitter with a lesser focus on Mastadon and Diaspora. I’d use Diaspora more if someone bothered making a proper android app for it.

FYI I use the web interface for most SM and always have because apps cannot be trusted. I did use a third party app to cross post Twitter and Mastodon for a while and used RIF for Reddit until recently.

I’ve not used Diaspora for years though I think it is where I first heard of MaidSafe!


use substack alot