Matrix chat / Mastodon

Seeing this new huge annoucement, and the huge focus Discord, which we can see from many many comments, people in the community frown on because of all the correct reasons (closed-source, invasive spying, phone number/true identity reuirements)

Maybe it’s time for the marketers and media people to commit to maintaining communication methods that stick with the Maidsafe ethos… Free. Open Source. Privacy supporting.

The Matrix network (specfically the Element client) can do what seems like 80-90% of what Discord has and they are catching up faster every month.
There is a simple bridge bot that can be added to matrix rooms from a simple UI to bridge a discord room to a matrix room.
There seems to be no good reason not to set this up and maintain it for this kind of community.

Twitter (or whatever it’s called now) we all know is exactly as bad.

Mastondon I think nearly everyone knows by now is the Twitter alternative, FOSS, Federated, and all.

Yes, I understand that there probably isn’t a simple bridge in this case that can be set up to simply mirror what is posted to the primary Twitter media account, but nonetheless a Mastodon account should be maintained with the same information posted to it for those of us also unwilling to log in to and be tracked by Twitter.


Although I understand your take, it would be limiting not to use all the available large social media platforms. Especially because a lot of those people who are NOT yet aware of their privacy and rights are still on these major platforms and are the audience we need to reach!

What would be good is to make media shared on platforms like Discord also available here on forum or alternative versions.


I haven’t seen anyone argue for presence in the decentralised platforms say that they should replace existing accounts on other platforms.

It seems a footgun not to have a real presence on the platforms more aligned with the this community and of course the project. So that’s what I’ve been suggesting for a long time.


We have tried these approaches several times over the years for the very reason you state, including Matrix, Riot, bridges between various open/closed platforms like telegram and discord etc… but TBH, it produced quite a fragmented and disjointed experience and never really got the traction we hoped.

It also seemed to dilute conversations across platforms. The bridges just aren’t advanced enough to make a cohesive whole, so the UX just felt quite ropey and not all that fun.

So, we are making the call to really focus just on 3 main platforms: Forum, Discord, and X/Twitter. Meeting people where they are, and then expand from there.


By the way, I maintain, an unofficial account where I repost weekly updates and testnet launches. Feel free to follow.


It’s strange as I have been following your account @JPL but I never see the posts on my feed. I’ve hit the little bell notify icon now so maybe that will help, but I don’t do that for others I follow and I get their posts on my feed. I wonder if there is some config on your end that isn’t set up right? IDK.


I like the idea of having more socials @zero-ghost but it seems it’s too much too soon. In time hopefully we can have more added to the list.


I agree with the sentiment of the OP, but think the current strategy makes sense - I’ve messed around with Matrix and a few other similar things for various uses (Jami, Matrix, Jitsi, IRC), and I have in most cases decided against using them with non-technical people.

You are either going to set it up for the person, and they don’t really understand so can’t troubleshoot if anything goes wrong, or you send them a link and cross your fingers that they stumble their way correctly through a myriad of little issues that can pop up.

Some of the stuff is very promising (Matrix really is improving, I have high hopes), and it’s very important that we get away from Discord and similar proprietary walled-garden type places, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet and take the practical route in this imperfect world of ours.

The good news is that if promotion goes to plan over the coming months and the network starts to take off, it’s very like that Matrix groups and IRCs and etc pop up fairly naturally. Not to mention, of course, new chat-places on Safe itself.


Hmm, not sure. I’ll check. :thinking:


I see them. But I read my whole feed almost every day. If @TylerAbeoJordan doesn’t do that it may be an issue with timezones that causes him to miss them.


I can’t see anything obvious


I usually do, but I’m sure I could miss it from time to time. I will keep my eyes open.


I didn’t say anything about not using other platforms, in my post I detailed how to use Matrix along with Discord together with very little / no effort.

Why I said there’s basically no reason not to be doing it.

The Matrix room has been around probably longer than the Telegram room, and they were bridged at one point. The only problem being the 99.999% of spam coming from Telegram.

As for Mastodon, I don’t understand if someone can be logged in to Twitter why they simulatneously can’t be logged into Mastodon and simply copy their twitter post and paste it on Mastodon.

The effort is so minimal, to do the right thing, support the right projects that have similar ethos… but here we are making excuses.


Thank you for maintaining this, I just followed.

Edit: My feed was populated with your posts, so it seems I can see everything (referring to Tyler not able to see)


It just occurred to me that the Discord is named Maidsafe and the active X account is also Maidsafe.

I guess some thought went into this, but for X it is clearly the company communication channel, for Discord though wont people soon be searching for The Safe Network by name instead of for Maidsafe when the network launches.

What I mean is that this Discord will clearly gain momentum and become the hangout for the Safe Network on there for years to come, does calling it Maidsafe not confuse?


Don’t panic, it’s all part of a strategy!




It would be ironic and excruciatingly unfunny if MaidSafe were to build their launch on the corporate platforms we know are risky and be scuppered by them. No end of examples there.

Even moreso if we failed to build on the up and coming platforms that protect against this, where those most likely to get and support Safe Network are right now, in all sectors including government, education, publishing etc as well as the usual suspects.

Do we have anyone in the team who knows that space or do they all spend most of their time on corporate platforms?

Serious question, would seem to be a potential problem if not, a risk that could easily be mitigated. A single hire could cover this, possibly less.

FOSS and decentralization from corporations is happening, and is already an important demographic especially in Europe:


We should be meeting new people on non-privacy aware places like X, and then bringing them to social networks on SafeNet not giving mastadoon extra traffic.