The chaos at reddit

Some of you might be familiar with the chaos going on at reddit. I would like to discuss how project safe could benefit from this tremendously with the right timing.

People are already flocking to alternative sites like voat, so much so that their servers get the reddit hug of death for many days now. If safe network had a reddit clone application they would most probably choose it since censorship and mismanagement is the very root of the problem, and safe network fixes both.

Sadly the safe network is not yet ready so will this be a missed opportunity of gaining millions of users?


Maybe, but there’ll be other opportunities. Because the core problem doesn’t really get fixed by the current alternatives.


Also snapzu has problems dealing with the traffic

Oh how the world would need the safe network and it’s caching of popular content.


It’s worth thinking about how you host a service that really works. Reddit seems to have lost its way since the corporate mindset took over and even before then subreddits had their strong moderation. Without any moderation, perhaps any very popular service becomes dysfunctional; I don’t know, whether pure voting does keep spam and off topic in check. Reddit was at its best before it went mainstream and perhaps that’s natural too.

Having something like Discourse (this forum’s software), and making those forums easy to find might work. Just creating another big centralised answer, might inevitably be warped by big interests working the votes and co-opting the moderation… just being on SAFE, is perhaps necessary but not sufficient.

The BBC article mentions “Frizbee” too which I guess is

We’re the only decentralized democratic social aggregator website, and we put a big focus on privacy.


If as lawyers say that 80% of law is eliminating conflicts then eliminating bribery, which is the most basic conflict of interest should be obvious. But in the US the Supreme Court has tried bribery the heart of the system with its insistence that bribery (money) is speech. Neither business nor public organizations can be run on bribery for long.

With regard to media systems it so easy to get rid of this conflict of interest by taking the most basic step and ensuring that they only take money from their legitimate end users and in rough proportion to their numerical share of the listener or subscribership and probably through a blinded process. This pretty much eliminates the problem of money in politics. Its even better when the subscribership owns or retains formal control over the entity like a mutual. Full employee ownership would be a next best option.

What doesn’t work is what Amazon is for instance started doing with it sponsorship. It was really an idiotic idea. They started taking sponsor money (again the most basic conflict relative to their end user customers) and next their vital or core end user rating systems are suddenly corrupted. There is likely no coincidence there, that is its point, its bribery and censorship, its never about the token purchase of attention which generally theft anyway and never value added. Its the same for Google’s sponsored SEO. Google’s search ought to be re-dubbed “lost” because increasingly its service will exist to misdirect, because its now based on bribery.

If we want our freedom to return and increase we need to refuse to allow our attention and awareness to be prostituted by bribery systems.