Share your marketing ideas!

Hello friends,

this is a list of marketing ideas that I have and plan to implement in the future. I decided to share it here if anyone else wanted to take advantage.

Also, if you have an idea, please share it here.

The SAFE Trees


These are the trees I plan to plant in the big parks in Sofia. Once a month, one (random) tree will bear SAFE “fruit”.

The fruit well be some amount of money in MAID. To get it you have to go to the tree (obviously you have to guess which tree first) and take the SAFE “fruit”.

Each month the SAFE “fruit” will be a different object. In order to receive the money, you need to take picture of the SAFE “fruit” and share it on the game’s Facebook page.

The SAFE wheel of fortune

When I go to meetings I think to use a SAFE wheel of fortune to get attention.

The prizes will be branded SAFE:

  • pens
  • t-shirts
  • calendars
  • invitations to create an account on the network
  • more?

This is my recipe…

Pre-launch: word of mouth
Post-launch: word of mouth plus gifted user accounts

Once there is a product it will be a little easier.
Pre-launch, apart from the amazing tech and benefit to mankind, I’m also using the finance angle - if they’ve missed the bitcoin boat, the etherium boat… what could it hurt to buy maid at under $1.00?

Other ideas…

If you work at a tech company, or any company that has an Internet presence, which is most.
If you are technically minded, work on SAFENetwork services to match your companies needs - use dummy data, and made up names, but get a showcase ready - get ready to pull that trigger. I think a company or shareholders would appreciate that type of forward thinking, being at the cutting edge and being the first to have a presence on the new Internet.

Do you have your own website on the legacy Internet? What if we had some graphics that’s said “This website is migrating to the SAFENetwork, click here to find out more…”

Also email signatures, stick something like the following on the end of your emails…
“also contactable on the new internet, safe mail address, link to more info”

anywhere you have an interaction with the legacy Internet, link or advertise your migration over.

Facebook… “guys, I’m also available on this safeservice”



Get David on TED when we are in beta


My thinking is focused on what data would be most advantageous to get flowing early on the SAFEnetwork? I made the case in my SAFEDevCon talk that we should focus on an emergent new type of data or an existing data set that is starting to grow exponentially on the Internet. I would add a third criteria, does the data help with an immediate social or climate problem needing solved?

Climate change is the challenge of our time and there is a trend for people to take the measurement of the data into their own hands. The volume of data is already massive and growing fast, sensors on the ground are are only becoming cheaper and more accurate. Big science from space is opening up those data sets too. This sort of data attracts data scientists etc.m producing actionable data on the ground.

If this logic makes sense then it would direct our energies to connect with communities and data sources to collaborate with.


I like Zoki’s ideas of reaching back to their legacy-internet presence and “wormhole-ing” them via links into the Safe Network. To piggy-back on that, you could approach legacy companies and develop Vanguard Joint Ventures where they launch their presence on the Safe Network as early-adopting, forward-thinkers.

BTW, you MUST have an access point for MaidSafeCoin / SafeCoin transactions in the US market! Too much capital here to ignore, even with the new crypto regulations that are causing the exchanges to shun us. All the marketing in the world will do no good if we can’t invest /sell the tokens or coins.

This is a very good idea. Could be hugely effective if picked up.

I think this is a great idea, however, I would prefer to see @dirvine with a full three hours on JRE. Especially with the creaky leather.


Then I thought, “Why not give away maid at the maid meetup?” Then one of the presentations at the meetup would be how to manage the free maid you just earned.
Then I thought, “What if there is a lot of freeloaders and there isn’t enough maid for all of them?” Well, just raffle off maid prizes at the meetup! That way the costs are kept under control.
Then I thought, why not have a gameshow at the meetup instead of a raffle? We could have a round of Jeopardy with Maid themed questions and maid prizes! That should loosen everybody up, David Irvine could be the gameshow host.
Then I thought, “Why not have the contest online for free maid prizes.” That way people could compete from home. We could have an online poker tournament with a maidsafe prize giveaway. That way people could watch or play from home.
Then I thought, “why not post these ideas on the forum, and see what ideas other people have?”

The above is a quote from my thread in Dec 2017.


Can someone tell us where to get original and vectorfiles from everything around maidsafe?
Is it possible for us to have a “special place” i.e. theme / item / tab within this place? have a youtube channel to load up…

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Good question! A long time ago there was this place: Providing Privacy, Security and Freedom | MaidSafe

But now, I don’t find such a link.


We will get @Cgray to sort that out or you.


David - wanted to share news that I came across today. Arweave announced a $5m round from top VCs. It is New perpetual web. We need partnerships with companies and VCs just like Arweave team did. Thoughts? These partners are now going to push Arweave product to market and potential customers bringing in growth and adoption.

Wee may not need a VC for money but we need strategic partners, investors, who can push maidsafe product to market - offcourse when its ready : )…not trying to distract the team but perhaps 1-2 folks at Maidsafe should start focusing only on this - taking to big VCs for potential investment, strategy to mkt/adoption etc. Need to have a plan ready while the product is being developed. Thoughts?

Well wisher as always!!!

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Hey - what I’ll do is I’ll create a separate post on this forum with links to files (logos, guidelines, etc). I’ll post the link once its done.


Perhaps the admin can create a link on this site as well to all of those materials. It will help find them for sure.


100% agree, but of course when it’s ready is key here. Until then we are going hell for leather, regardless of funds and longer term security. I now think resting will be the last thing we do.

Fleming is close, we have node age pretty much complete, we emulate BLS and are replacing that emulation with real BLS (internal you won’t notice). So we are close to real vaults and real vaults from home. Front end and APIs are looking great and Fleming ready, browsers in place. So we have had a couple of weeks mania and probably a couple of weeks more, but progress has kept up to a high level. I expect soon that we will accelerate again.

I forsee initial Fleming testnets being pushed out fast (expect crazy errors, real prototype material incoming) and iterating to Fleming as we test all the code we have written in the last few years. Things like parsec speed, what need ordered, what can we speed up and so on. We don’t know if it will be blindingly fast off the bat, but we’re gonna find out soon.
In parallel I think we might push upgrades out (perpetual web etc.), but lets see where we are in a couple of weeks.


Once everything is launched and running, pull Andreas Antonopoulos into the project and get him to kick the tyres, read all the literature and code. Maybe pay him to review it all and hopefully he sees the light and becomes a vocal supporter of SAFE and eventually writes Mastering the SAFE Network as his 3rd book about a crypto project. :slight_smile:


Along with all the changes, and with folk getting fired up to pitch in with marketing and evangelising about the project, I think this is as good time a time as any to address the split between MaidSafe and SAFE Network

I think it’s probably ideal to have the community efforts market, promote, and be the voice of the SAFE Network, and then let the voice of MaidSafe remain that of the company.

The SAFE Network should rightly be community owned, and socially propagated. But it’s often blurry and confusing for folk when MaidSafe is brought into the mix. This would be an opportunity to address that.

MaidSafe obviously got the ball rolling, and are the major contributor at the moment, but it’s not ours, it’s yours.

But alongside the rest of the community, we can help advise, shape and form the marketing strategy, and also get stuck in and help with the work involved in the execution.


This process has just started but with all the changes at MaidSafe it might be best to give it a week or two

Being devil’s advocate, I’m not sure the community has the resources to take this on. There is certainly the belief and willingness - we see it often. But most here don’t have much spare time and to take on the marketing efforts will require a lot of hours, and at least a core of people who do little else, with somebody taking on a project management style role.

Even to handle social media channels requires consistent effort over time so it will be a test to see how that goes, but is probably doable because it is a bit like forum moderation, and the community through a small group of dedicated individuals has done a great job with that for several years now.

I think marketing in a wider sense is a bigger challenge so what do people think about that? How can this be different from the previous bursts of enthusiasm? Why did they die back to individual isolated efforts and not become a team working together and building on each other’s ideas and efforts? Was it because Maidsafe were making community efforts seem less useful, or is there a difficulty with this kind of effort which the community has not managed to solve?

For myself, working independently better suits my style. I prefer to just get in with what I choose to do in the way I want to do it, and to not be committed to do so many hours a week. It’s why I dropped out of being a forum moderator. I did that for a while and put lots of hours in almost every day because that’s what I felt it needed and I thought it was so important. Once it seemed to be established there were other things I wanted to do though, and where I can spend my time ad hoc, rather than consistently over longish period of time. I still put quite a few hours in, but they tend to be concentrated in a couple of days every week or three, and there can be gaps of several weeks without it affecting anyone else.

Who here can put a decent number of hours in most weeks?