SecondLife redux

As I mentioned in another thread about gambling. I thought that the taxing of virtual lands in Second Life and also the forbidding of gambling where some of the things that caused it to slow down in growth or stunt.

Perhaps with the use of SafeNet and also some sort of smart contracts type ability, it would be possible to a SafeLife?

All the world content and interaction scripts could reside on and operate on SafeNet, just need to translate the virtual work browsers to take in this data.



Facebook killed SL, I would say.


Not purely as a virtual world, but perhaps as an ultra-realistic (1) MMOG incorporating scenes and topics that would invite legal attack anywhere else.

It has to leverage the special advantages of SAFE.

(1) By ultra-realistic, I mean using real characters and places, rather than made-up stuff. For example, a first-person shooter that shoots characters that are displayed every day on the television. Sick and tired of that annoying politician, activist or actress? Well, head over to SAFE WORLD to work it off…

i think it’s a totally different experience. the 3D stuff had a very limited set of people interested in it 10 and 20 years ago. but now i think that is about to change in the forthcoming 10 years (fb investment in oculus rift for example)