LIFE IS PEOPLE #45 with Dally Shalla -- Great Stuff!

This is great! Check out the beginnings of renewed Second Life, combined with Neil Stephenson’s Snow Crash world.

Thanks Daniel and Tiimsk, Ryan and Rich.


thank you for sharing, I just say wow…


Thanks sharing @fergish

@dallyshalla I got a little bit feedback on what you showed @ LIFE IS PEOPLE.

This is what I noticed at once, how come the password is visible? 2FA would also give the account an extra layer of protection. I don’t mean to sound mean “But you don’t want to built something with security as an after thought”.

In the “Farming Dashboard” it would be nice if you also had an “Settings” button. Beneath this you could have “Alternative currencies” besides the dollar (Safecoin price), Safecoin unit, 2FA etc.

I have a few questions & remarks about the marketplace.

  • The “50” price which currency is it? Because @ the moment there is a big difference between 50 SAFEcoins or $ 50.
  • It seems like your selling 500 apples for 50, but could I buy 1 apple from you? I think if you have a FIXED (500 apples), FLEXIBLE (1 apple) and AVAILABLE (out of stock) quantity that you’ll enable people to sell quicker and more flexible. For some merchants it’s also important to have things like VAT included in their price, shipping cost and delivery services. It would also be nice if you could offer a product that people could bid on or increase/decrease in value depending on time.
  • If you could also add an picture of an item, that would already be worth a thousand words. :smile:

The first thing that came into my mind when I saw this was: Hey funny, this is a 3d verson of chess & checkers. People will be able to challence eachother for SAFEcoins and get their names grafiti on the board as legendary C&C players. It’s genius to have a visual representation of your farming.

I get it, that you use the NYSE as a playground due to your background. But imagine if you walked through that portal and you end up in GTA. I say GTA because it’s a game that’s Loved, Sells and Dangerous (LSD).

Don’t get me wrong I really like what you did and how far SAFEX has come. Keep up the good work.


With everystep we advance


This is a fantastic step forward the ease of use will the a key factor in gaining content users and users of the SAFEnetwork in general.


safecoin farming game @dallyshalla


And not a single **** was given by the cleaning lady :smile:


Momentous step forward
SAFEexchange [how it works]

slayin+ mi gran amigo @dallyshalla
#the ERA of the CREATIVE is RISING


love it! I want more! Sign me up.


What are the advantages of Safe Exchange Compared to Augur?

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And be sure to check out the New Safe Exchange forum


Isn’t the network designed to disincentivize mining farms? It seems like these apps are designed to facilitate them. I think each farming device would need to be running on a separate IP address to benefit from mass farming.(but this would not be encouraged)

WTF just got through reading the whitepaper, checking out the website and burning steam out of my brain to fully understand the implications.

Thank you for solving every problem I was faced with while developing a way to fund and manage each of my SAFE projects. Well, I know where my next investment is going. Just in one paper you showed the unimaginable power/possibility of the SAFE network.

I’m speechless and in shock.


u got a link? I wanna be speechless and in shock too!!

@dallyshalla hey man is there a way i can log in with my fb / google etc account on your forum?

or do i really need to set up a separate acc? just wanted to check before i start doing everything


Looks really good and great way to do things. Just a couple of tech noobie things not sure about.

  1. This would require a pseudonymous Safecoin farmer app - yes?
  2. I’m a bit confused around the “validity of the contract” Do the guardians know the contents of all contracts public/private - I’m thinking either just public or don’t they know the contents of any and it’s to do with reputation?

Actually– I think I’ve got it now (not 100% sure)
Just got 3 quick questions

1.There seems to be an admittance fee to join the Community payable in Safe Exchange coin – How much are coins and how many do you need?

2.What is the Community share of the revenue?

3.Am I right in thinking the pseudonymity prevents multiple guardian accounts?


Spellbinding , it’s a tremendous vision.

  1. Safe Exchange Coin are for sale in the crowdsale, starting imminently, the sale is an auction.
  2. To be determined and can be dynamically allocated based on DBOT vote.
  3. When intending to vote or comment you must have the Safe Exchange Coin registered with the alias prior to the creation of a particular contract. You can withdraw your coin but your vote and comment disappears from the contract. As contracts expire you receive back your Safe Exchange Coin and can use it for comments and votes of other contracts.

absolutely amazing…brilliant :smiley:

Just saw how many coins….lol
2,147,483,647 (two billion one hundred forty-seven million four hundred eighty-three thousand six hundred and forty-seven

Have you tech geeks never heard of nice round figures! :smiley:


That should be 2^31-1, right?


It’s a perfectly “round” figure in binary, that’s what you non-techies don’t understand :smiley: 1111111111111111111111111111111

Really, binary representation makes much more sense than the decimal representation. That is just based on the fact that we (usually) have 10 fingers/toes. Binary, octal and hexadecimal representations agree far more with fundamental reality.