Scraping together what I can :)

I guess I’m more looking for someone to point me in the correct direction. :slight_smile: I’ve been trying to learn all I can about MaidSafe, the Safe Network, but also decentralized, static web development!
I have multiple test nodes running at home, I’ve pushed groups of friends to accept this week’s build on flash drives, and I’ve been on a learning binge the last couple days. I’ve read that there will be changes in data types, but I’m still pushing to create any sort of intelligently structured frontend data that can retain a value. node.js seems to have promising application, but I guess I need someone to point me to my next learning stage. :slight_smile: Any help is appreciated, thanks guys!
Edit: I’ve also posted a tut for testing out the network over on my home social media, Minds :slight_smile: -here


I’m still pushing to create any sort of intelligently structured frontend data that can retain a value.

I’m not sure I’m going to be able to help, but I’d like to understand what you mean here. Please can you say a bit more, explain the terms. Thanks.

Logic tells me it can’t exactly be done until we have identities and other identifiers on the SafeNetwork, but I can come up with examples. I’ve seen talk about forums or games that may hold save data, basically how to I begin going about collecting asking for data input from a user that is accessing my service? If i wanted any sort of registration form how do I retain information in a decentralized serverless environment?

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Good luck with your developing, hopefully you will find a niche.

When this forum first started, David indicated that is was taking Devs 2 years to get fully up to speed.

I made the decision early on, to not worry too much about the inner workings, content with the bigger picture.

I think oil exploration is more my thing, farming, content and leveraging the frameworks that others are already conceiving and building out.

If I was fat on fiat, I would be buying into that above ground oil that’s sitting in the exchanges :slight_smile:


oh dear, yes I suppose I have much much work to do!
Thank you for at least entertaining my thread asking for handouts and being friendly xD
I would love to be ‘early to the gate’ on putting together some services and knowledge will be my capital :slight_smile:


Mind you, that’s talking about the entire code base which was C++ at the time. They did a refactor into the RUST language so the backend is a lot simpler and well commented now.

And of course, you’ll be using the API which is even simpler…so I dont want to put you off with that 2 years comment…they are working hard to make it as easy as possible to get started with.

Did you ever play with Yahoo Pipes, it was a drop and drag interface for API’s…I hope someone makes an interface like it on SAFE, so non coders can have a little tinkle. It reminds me somewhat of modular synth programming that is now available in software:


No I’ve never even heard of yahoo pipes but this looks like something I’d understand much easier than code. Or at least would be an excellent learning tool for teaching code.

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Application building and understanding of the network will be in Rust, which I will get deeper into as time goes on.
A lot of what I’m looking at would be building a web service on Safe, I’ve seen a little talk about nodejs and MongoDB to create a databaseless structure. I’ve been scoping around to see if I can find anyone else building a successful frontend driven service that can retain value, or leads on how this could be done :slight_smile:
I could see a SafePipes sort of service for developing Electron applications in a simplified manner being very popular :slight_smile:


I’d give it a crack for sure…I just like the idea of exposing the API visually to see the endpoints with maybe distinct icons for each functionality…as a low level learning tool I guess. I’d pay for that.


For sure, visual learning on an iPAD…toddlers as programmers :smile:


I’m taking my boy to the local coder dojo as soon as he’s old enough.

Computer science feels like the new form of literacy and carries that same power imo. Recording information is a given now, everything is recorded (sadly, thank god for safe), so reading and writing are no longer how we control and disseminate information. It’s what we do with information now that carries the seed of power and those literate in that art control what happens to it and how it’s interpreted, not the scribes recording their versions of history.

I want to do a 30 day challenge to teach myself python too. I have so much to learn and I need to start somewhere. Seems like as good a place as any for a technoob to start educating themselves.

I’m sick of having so much go over my head now that I’m totally immersed in this space I’m going to have to learn a lot in order to fit in better. :weary:



Application building and understanding of the network will be in Rust, which I will get deeper into as time goes on.

You can build SAFE Apps in any language. Rust is an option with its own pros and cons, like each language. It very much depends on the application and other factors such as what it is to do, where it will be deployed (OS’s and devices), licensing options, and of course the tools and skills available to build it.

EDIT: While drooling over yahoo pipes, take a look at Ceptr from metacurrency project - there is a forum post with a link to a video demo which is worth watching. It’s a while new take on both APIs and visual programming.

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