Sapience AIFX - 'First brain on the blockchain'

Executive Summary

Smart contracts and the internet-of-things (IoT) are two concepts that sit at both ends of the table in capturing the imagination of the tech world today. But between the two, there is a wide gap to be filled by a distributed intellect - a decentralized intelligence - that brings the critical mass to unlock the true future power of the groundbreaking and world-changing Bitcoin technology.

To date, no one has combined the pieces of the puzzle to bring artificial intelligence to the blockchain and coin networks. Bitcoin brought us both the blockchain as well as a complete peer-to-peer platform, both of which can be leveraged in different ways to realize complex solutions that previously would have required a tremendous amount of ground work just to get to the starting line.

The movie Transcendence, through the AI system called PINN, brought to the fore the growing interest in AGI or artificial general intelligence, and the evolution to a technological singularity.

Our interest with the Sapience AIFX project is to develop a distributed artificial intelligence system running on a coin network, with a primary initial goal of enabling neural network services to be consumed by both users and systems, specifically the Quotient (XQN) algorithmic trading interface, and a longer term goal of applying AGI through knowledge gathering and machine learning.

The Sapience AIFX project is led by experienced executive leadership and is crowdfunding the development of the platform.

Technology Overview

The core technology that will drive the Sapience AIFX engine is an implementation of decentralized distributed associative memory (DDAM) on the P2P coin network. There are a variety of open source artificial intelligence engines including OpenCog that may prove useful as providing core components that can be adapted to mesh with the DDAM.

Placing DDAM on a coin network is ideal because users have an economic incentive to participate and contribute their computing resources in return for stake interest and adding collective value to the currency. .

A core requirement of the Sapience AIFX platform is to enable interoperability with other coin networks. There are a number of generalized projects occurring in the alt-coin space today that endeavor to craft general protocol specs for publishing, querying, and consuming services provided by coin networks. Sapience will develop its own basic specification for broadcasting and accepting communications from other coin networks through special router nodes. Adapters can then be built to enable communication through the protocols that result from the other generalized project efforts based on which ones achieve deployment.

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I don’t really understand the jargon as not my area, but I have to say it sounds a bit like 1 guy on his own, jumping on a bandwagon to me. It sounds like Maidsafe…only without the devs or years of research/work. It smells like a scam to me. I may be completely wrong, but…c’mon when has that ever happened? :smiley:

Could well be, probably some conspiracy :slight_smile:

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Actually I’ve been seeing something like this coming for quite some time. Distributed decentralized crowdfunded peer to peer artificial intelligence would make logical sense. Maidsafe isn’t actually an A.I., it could most certainly support one but it isn’t in and of itself an A.I. This is but what is disturbing to me is that it’s geared towards financial analytics. If you’re going to build an A.I. don’t you want it to think and FEEL? Well I suppose there is some danger in an A.I. that can feel as with joy there is sorrow, with pleasure pain, with love there is hate, loyality and betrayal, passion and apathy, epathy and apthy, so on and so forth. But on the flip side I think we’ve seen both in fiction and reality the dangers of giving the reins to psychopaths.

I just think it’s strange they see algorithmic trading as the first use case, if it was so powerful, it would “outtrade” anything, and then everybody would use it, and that sounds like a rediculous arms-race that nobody serious about crypto-economy would appreciate. But there has to be some use case to get the thing going, so… I don’t know…

Step 1: Give me your money
Step 2: I find computer programmers to make AI software and give them your money
Step 3: We share the profits

Truth: the first self-improving strong artificial intelligence may very well be based on a distributed / decentralized computing platform, which may usher in the singularity.

But you can’t even write a speech or prepare a presentation for a youtube video properly, which does not inspire confidence in your ability to lead a world class software development team in designing such a system.