Other groups' serious efforts to make a SAFE-like "dream"

I was reading this: Goldman Sachs And Microsoft Are Quietly Using AI To Lay The Groundwork For The Next Bitcoin, Ethereum And Crypto Price Bull Run, and thought well this feels like the most serious effort I’ve seen yet to create some kind of new Internet by big names. Of course it’s going to be using Blockchain instead of Kademlia (and/or whatever else SAFE does), but it feels like this might try to get people on board with migrating infrastructures (while the real world also starts doing so because of the incredible potential of AI to change thinking, and methods of going about solving problems professionally).

Just thought I would bring this up. As per the other, recent AI and open source thread, the power of the masses from the grass up is not something to sneeze at via SAFE; although maybe whatever this groundwork is might attempt something at least close to that. Who knows: maybe this wake-up call for people to “start caring” about privacy and all that after these big names inevitably influence people to get on board will then let them see Safe start to appear and get on board with that instead. Or this will set SAFE back more. Or their version of a new Internet will take even longer to start than SAFE.