Can anyone fill me in on what a safepod is? I think I get what it’s supposed to be, how are they working out for pod participants?


At this moment SAFEpods still function more as meetups I think. The goal eventually is to decentralize core development and create a place for application development. Maybe @frabrunelle can tell more about how his SAFEpod in Montreal is going at this moment :slight_smile:


Hey thanks a lot! They seemed like meetups, but well, never been to one so wasn’t too sure :).

We are slowly but surely going beyond just meeting up to find ways of generating fundings and once that gets going strong enough we will look into official structures and roles. At the moment we are still experimenting with both content of meetups and funding opportunities.



It is also key to the decentralization of the dev community for Pods to ensure stable self-funding. The community could be made more resilient by having an automatic global redistribution scheme between Pods to ensure funding also for initiatives that do not directly raise money (like teaching).