Safenet Website

Its unfortunate that this project stumbled for the @maidsafe team but it may be an opportunity to review the crucial elements that will be on display. There are many talents in this community that may have expertise and capabilities to offer assistance to the in-house development group.

First we need to clearly identify the message and best way to convey it.

When someone is landing on the new website, how are they greeted and what are they greeted with?

This front door is going to tell the world what’s been going on in Troon for the last 16 years.

We can’t f*** it up.

Ideas here?


Well, in that last Dev Update, they said they didn’t want to get into it, so breaking that down, I think that means that it’s none of our business.

A good starting point would be, like in this excellent article : The ‘Safe Network’ in 90 seconds. Yes, the one featured on Silicon… | by Kevin Cooper | safenetwork | Medium

Keep it simple, but enticing.