Safecoin currency symbol

Hello, I am a 15 year old boy from Ireland and have been looking at Maidsafe for over a year now. I really like current the safecoin logo, but it is much harder to draw in comparsion to the €,£ or $. I am not too sure if everyday people would bother to write out the symbol, and might create multiple unofficial versions (sc,xsc or ç) which could complicate things, as well as that there may be some compatibility problems in countries that don’t use the Latin alphabet which given time could be a very significant part of the Maidsafe community (China,Russia etc). So, I downloaded inkscape and designed a new symbol.

I will go into more details on the philosphy of the design in the post below.

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The main goals of this design are simplicity, ease of writing out and being easily recognisable while being modern.

  • The line closing of the C is needed if you want a symbol that can be drawn without taking your pen off the page or backtracking, also anytime I hand drew the symbol without a line closing off the C, it ended up looking like ‘Ç’.
  • The reason why the bottom part of the C is extended is to show that it is a separate letter and not an S halved by different colours.
  • The primary shape here is a circle (I know there is no complete circle), because coins are traditionally round , this might make it easier for the public to associate safecoin with real world money.
  • For colours, blue being Maidsafe’s main colour and the C being grey so it can work with white backgrounds and again showsing that it is a separate letter.
  • An unintended side effect of this design is that when written out and turned upside down it looks a bit like an eight note with the spot facing inwards.
    Thanks for readings this far any feedback would be great and I hope ye like the design.

honestly i like this triangle-mobius thing


I like that design too but that isn’t the safecoin symbol this is

which I find really hard to draw out.

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the triangle i suppose is for the organization.

that is the first time i have seen that one that you just linked to

That is the current safecoin currency symbol, but since safecoin hasn’t been released yet it isn’t really in use. You can see it at the bottom of their page here

I’m a big fan of a simple S with two horizonal lines through the middle, like a cross between £ and $.

Great work though. The more people who make good suggestions the better imo. I like your work, I just think I’d go with something closer to other currency symbols.


Alternate approach would be to choose a Unicode symbol that does exist.

For example: Armenian small letter feh U+0586 == ֆ


I was looking at unicode aswell and I think this ℐ (U+2110) represents the design above pretty well, although if my design is accepted I’ll try and design a symbol in a font editor and try get unicode to publish it.
Edit: Another one is Ꮥ (U+13D5)

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My suggestion of existing Unicode was that it’s already accepted and available to be used widely. Designing a new glyph is all very well but not useful and the process of getting new characters into update of Unicode is no simple matter. Forcing fonts in ways that require slowing websites and perhaps also javascript etc isn’t useful for communicating that character as they cannot be used outside of viewing without creating confusion. The whole point of Unicode is that copying that character even without a font with hold that detail - if the font isn’t installed it doesn’t display but if something like Armenian is widely available default in Windohs/BadApple/Linux etc then that’s best.

I understand that the process of getting a new character into unicode will take a while, but if safecoin does become a global currency it will probably need its own symbol. Although, I do think you are right and substitute character already present in unicode should be used in the meantime.

My only other thought re the OP is there are only so many ways to cross through an S and many of those make it look hard to read at a distance…

Entirely off topic… if you have more graphics skills than I do, which is likely, then what I’d like to see are gifs or just images of files fragmenting into encrypted pieces flying into the network. I expect that is possible in Blender but how I do not know. Can’t use other’s art but example1, example2

Are you really 15? Damn son. May I just congratulate you on the IQ lottery… lol. Not sure how that is even possible to discover, let alone be interested in such a thing at 14! And if that wasn’t enough you are also apparently contributing as of 3hours ago… haha wow. Impressed. Such inspiration. Much promise. Very bright.

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Well I saw Maidsafe mentioned under an article of Kim Dotcom’s meganet and have been interested ever since. Yea I made an account for the safe forums a while ago but forgot its password because I never posted anything.So I made this one in december.

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Off topic

I know it is possible to do in Cinema 4D. Search for Explosion and Cinema 4D.
Here is one tutorial.

I don’t know if it is possible to do in Blender.

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So we have the Safecoin logo, but as far as ‘writing it out’ I would suggest using whatever letters are going to be utilized on exchanges. That could well be ‘SC’ …so write it as 100 SC or SC 100 etc …exchanges don’t use fancy script just combinations of letters and we are currently MAID.

We are presuming SafeEX will be the first, but who knows what waits in the wings…maybe they would have other ideas…but it needs to be consistent from the start I’d say.

I am too ! few months ago I did some tests in this direction :


Thats right. And it is also somewhat of a double entendre as it is similar to the symbol for capacitance on circuit schematics. SafeCoin = Store of Energy :wink:

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Same. Its simple and recognisable, and would be good as the official handwritten version of the symbol.

Also having an alternative more elaborate version is not out of the question either, to use in special situations.

But for normal writing and in texts the “S” with the 2 horizontal lines will be the best. It looks like a currency symbol. And like Bitcoin we can have other symbols for special things.

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Is there a way to make this bigger? Would be nice to be able to link to it without linking this thread. As it stands in this image now, the symbol is blurry if you zoom in, especially at the double line.