Safecoin Book on Amazon - Request for Comments

I recently published a book on about anonymous cryptocurrencies. The book is a “working document” and I want to continue improving it so that it is the most accurate, up-to-date book on anonymous cryptocurrencies. I’ve sent the book to a number of the developers for these currencies and I’m hoping to get feedback from them. I’m also hoping to get feedback from experts on forums like this one. If you are an expert on anonymous cryptocurrencies and would like a PDF copy of the book in exchange for providing me comments, please email me at

For anyone who is interested in buying the book in kindle or paperback, here’s the amazon URL:

Heres the pitch:
Worldwide, 1.8 billion people earn their living in the black market. The black market accounts for 23% of the global GDP. The vast majority of the global black market is currently conducted in cash, but a new slate of anonymous cryptocurrencies offers to give greater speed and security to black market transactions. Darknet marketplaces like The Silk Road already conduct billions of dollars in transactions and growth looks likely to continue. Outside the black market people are becoming more concerned with their online privacy following Edward Snowden’s disclosures of invasive NSA surveillance. Bitcoin users are becoming aware that they are not truly anonymous and are turning their attention to anonymous cryptocurrencies. With finite supplies and growing demand, the valuation for these anonymous cryptocurrencies could skyrocket. The future looks bright for black market cryptocurrencies.

Black Market Cryptocurrencies is the first and most comprehensive book published about the emerging space of anonymous currencies. The book starts with the global trends pushing up the valuation of these altcoins, including the growth of the global black market, countercyclicality of the black market and hedging ability of these currencies, and the rise of darknet marketplaces and online gambling. The book then looks at each of the major anonymous cryptocurrency contenders including Darkcoin (DRK), X11coin (XC), Fedoracoin (TIPS), Dark Wallet, Zerocoin/Zerocash, Anoncoin (ANC), Neutrino (NTR), Razorcoin (RZR), Cryptcoin (CRYPT), Safecoin (SAFE), Cloakcoin (CLOAK), Libertycoin (XLB), VeriCoin (VRC), BlackCoin (BC), PinkCoin (PC), NavajoCoin (SUM2), VootCoin (VOOT), CryptoNote, Monero (XMR), Bytecoin (BCN), DuckNote (XDN), Fantomcoin (FCN), Quazarcoin (QCN), Boolberry (BBR), MonetaVerde (MCN), Aeon (AEON). The book finishes with methods of staying anonymous while using these cryptocurrencies and an analysis of who might win the race to become the worlds first widely-adopted anonymous cryptocurrency.

For people wishing to purchase the book pseudoanonymously using bitcoins, it is also for sale at Cryptocurrency Prices, Charts, and Crypto Market Cap | CoinGecko

If this is a non technical book then i don’t know if a book is necessary to explain what is going on in the anonymity space. Most coins are simply using decentralized coin mixing and some of which rely on masternodes to do the mixing. There is ofcourse cryptonote which uses ring signatures however it uses its own built from scratch block chain which bloats 2-3x bigger than bitcoin. It’s also not in the stage of being user friendly with its command line and its occasional lack of response when splitting amounts to send anonymously.

In my opinion Zerocash is the only currency other than safecoin to consider. I have not looked into bitshares so they may be viable for anon transactions but bitshares represent shares and is not really a currency even though you can use it like one.

We need books which explain what is going on from a completely politically neutral technological viewpoint.

Most of the communication I see on this particular forum is becoming heavily politicized without focusing enough on the technological opportunities. SAFE Network isn’t being marketed well enough to mainstream society (the establishment).

The establishment believes their data is safe in Google and Facebooks hands. You have to convince them that maybe storing their lives with a corporation isn’t wise.