Question: Does the SAFE network have the potential to allow access to the clearnet?

My technical understanding of the Safe network is not the greatest and I was wondering if it has the potential in the future to be able to access the normal internet? Would it be able to have the features of something like Tor where you can browse the clearnet anonymously or have the potential to do something like this? Can an App be built on top of the network that would allow this? Thanks

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No ‌‌ ‌‌ ‌‌ ‌‌ ‌‌ ‌‌

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SAFEnet is a set of protocols and storage mechanism that is incompatible with the so-called clearnet.

OR better put the clear-net doesn’t understand the SAFEnet.

Any PC though will be able to access both SAFEnet and the clearnet using respective applications, so as a user you can still surf the clearnet with firefox or chrome and you will be able to surf SAFEnet with an appropriate application and maybe at some stage firefox and/or chrome will include the safenet protocols so you can access either safenet sites or clearnet sites in firefox and/or chrome.


It is up to the applications to access the various protocols that operate across the internet. It is not up to the protocols to access other protocols.


@randymarsh SAFEnetwork isn’t designed with this in mind, so to provide Tor like functionality for browsing the clearnet (old internet) is not easy.

The difficulty is that SAFEnetwork functions like a self contained network, and mixing access to both networks is dangerous (to privacy and security), which is why SAFE browser prohibits this by default.

This doesn’t mean it isn’t possible, but it would probably be better to use a separate system like Tor for the time being. Perhaps a Tor-like SAFE app could be built to obfuscated access through a network of exit nodes, all running that app, but I’m not sure if this would be better than just using Tor.


Safe could statically mirror some websites, too, and act as a sort of proxy : you could anonymously read a copy of a regular web page in the safe browser, if someone did publish that copy.


Lets be real this placenta or brain blood barrier will happen- a system designed in part to block censorship will not be able to censor the clearnet but it can supercede the clearnet and its censorship the way the net did prodigy, compuserve and aol.

No not SAFE itself, but browsers could browse both.

No. And even if there is a proposal to build exit node, to connect clearnet, I’m against it 110 percent.

We must get away from clearnet 100 percent much as possible. Clearnet is dead.


As others have covered above, the two networks are separate and not directly linkable. That said, once the SAFE Network is really functional, many things will start to present themselves as possibilities. Eventually, why would people use anything else. In the short and medium run, I can envision all sorts of services or configurable setups where one uses the SAFE Network to set up blinds, tunnels, etc., to remain anonymous while still accessing the clearnet. Perhaps clunky and expensive, but potentially impenetrable.

These are notions at the moment, but with a functioning SAFEnet, things will be changed at a fundamental level.


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