MaidSafe Progress Roadmap

Here’s something to show people when they ask how long to launch.

I don’t have enough time to fill it all in but maybe @moderators can make it a Wiki so everyone can add to it.

MaidSafe Progress

2006 David Irvine has first plans of SAFE Network and finishes version in Python

2007 - 2014 MaidSafe pitches SAFE to hundreds of Universities & groups for support.

2010 MaidSafe protects its work from trolls & big corps with tens of patents, to ensure the technology stays GPL open source & free for all the people of the world.

2014 MaidSafe raises $8m in the first major ICO ever, to fund SAFE’s development

2013 - 2015 TEST 1 - 17 networks & Alpha 1 & 2 are successful in proving underlying technology

2017 MaidSafe expands its team to 30+ people with teams for frontend, backend etc


  • Alpha 3 for routing
  • Alpha 4 for vaults from home
  • Alpha 5- To be Announced ?? :rage: :anger: Wat?? Yes, if needed then there could be some more. “Ugh!!” :anger:
  • Beta for test SafeCoin
  • Launch for changing the world
  • Post-launch apps such as DEX etc

etc etc etc…

You guys get the point.

This will be great to have, to show the progress of what has been done and the capabilities of the group doing them, so people can gague for themselves how long left.

The more details everyone adds, the more powerful this becomes, to show people who ask.


This is great.

Would be interesting to know in a bit more detail what happened between 2007-2013. Was this just David working on his own? Was it just a side project back then?

People talk about this project being worked on for the last 10 years - and to some that is discouraging - they believe if the idea has not been realised in that time, what is the chances it can be realised at all. However if development work with a dedicated team only started in 2013 then that may is another matter.

Now of course Maidsafe are building something huge, so there is no real precedent and in fact, that David continues to work on this after 10 years is what encouraged me to follow the project - but try telling that to those looking for the next goldrush.

Anyway, - a bit more information on what was really going during the years 2007-2014 would be very interesting. Even if it’s, we tried this or that and it failed, it would help people understand some of the hurdles the team has had to overcome.


Agree. I think it’s important to show all the great work that has been done over the years and that this is in fact a “real” project. If you look at the Garther hype cycle related to crypto projects (yes Maidsafe is lumped in with them), we are clearly racing towards the peak of inflated expectations. What comes after that is the trough of disillusionment and that is where the cream rises to the top. Most of those 1000+ crypto projects will go away and only the strongest will survive. It’s important to show just how important and real this project is…


This may help, needs an update but it has some info


Yeah an update to this video would be awesome.


I agree, its a great video - this and Will’s roadmap Wiki in the OP are both useful and good to update from time to time.


If you guys were to guesstimate, what are the shortest and longest time these might take?

Guesstimate shortest a year but maybe longest 2 and a half years…


If someone made this into an image it would be great.


Haste makes waste, and waste makes want. I’ll guestimate that each phase will launch when they are ready to launch, and no sooner. :wink:

As a newcomer, one of the things I like most about this project is that it seems to be run by those who place importance on the engineering first and foremost, while at the same time they are able to balance financial and marketing constraints. This is a rare and valued trait in the modern business world of ultra-hype and shallow pomp and circumstance. Hopefully this characteristic will be replicated more often by others in the business world to come.


nice story… legend thoughts now they will test beta i think coz alpha 3 alpha 4 is testing inside… :slight_smile: safecoin testing coming soon… we are always ready to change the world… <3 love you maidsafe…


soon maidsafe will vanish down from the top 100 projects, sad but true, there is no acceleration in building the project as we wish.

We? Ummm, well I’m happy for them (Maidsafe) to take as long as they need/deem necessary. Don’t think you meant it as FUD but what’s the point of your post, I’m a bit lost?


OK, seems like you dont care if this project will be ready in your life time, some other maybe do, do you understand the dissapointment?

It’s completely cool having a different point of view not criticising you there :slight_smile:

However, I did read your topic y’day about the project being a Snail? The response from a senior member here was very respectful and to the point.

The problem is not anything to do with the project champ just with your expectations. Lots of other better money makers are around short term if that’s your thing so feel free to scratch your itch there if needed.

Oh and don’t be mistaken I care about this project as much as anyone here, I cared enough to spend months researching it, the team and it’s prospective barriers, only at that point did it become clear why the impatient point of view isn’t one built for longevity around here.

I’m normally not that pointed but if it quacks like a Duck well it probably is a duck.

Maidsafe work under an incredible amount of pressure and FUD type posts which don’t offer constructive criticisms are pretty ordinary and do draw people’s ire pretty quickly.

How about this, tell the forum what you’d like to see done to better meet your current/future expectations that is being missed at the moment and we can go from there…


Now you did turn it into FUD. @beermenow did not imply that at all. As long as it takes is not “after I die”

We have had like 2014-2017 of earnest development and we are at the brink of routing and vaults at home alphas. That is the basic network, so as long as it takes would imply between 1 and 4 years.

Please do not go to extremes, it does not help anyone and only makes for more heated replies.


Maid is a tech. Market position is not the point. It’s just a consequence. Once the thing is up and working, the market position will sort itself out.

Recently, I have seen people on reddit suggest and stress how Maid must do something now, or it will fall down the ranks and ---- what?

If anything keeps my belief pretty high, it’s how this project and its community lacks any PR pomp or bombast and how well it resists the temptations to cash in on the waves of greed that have been stirring up the Crypto world.

It pretty much underscores that this has been going on longer than BTC and the BTC-induced craze – and it will go far beyond.

I almost pray this project doesn’t lose its head and doesn’t subdue to the pressure of the cats in greed heat who miaow for a quick buck at all cost.


I totally agree with this position
Some project spend a lot of energy in marketing but the result is just “smoke”. I think project adv needs to spread in natural way and the efficiency of the project (like development) must be the cause of success in “marketing”, nothing must be forced.


I think people just fear that the project is losing position in the space. For many it isn’t about the money, but about the relevance. Seeing people salivate and pump seemingly mundane projects, while this epic one slips by unnoticed is just a bit frustrating.

The good news is that the truth will out in the long term and the team are well placed to make a strong finish. Even the ICO omnicoins must be a substantial amount of available capital should it be needed (it has been going up in price too).


Yep it’s just like in history a lot people tend to get credit for inventions when in fact we can often find earlier inventors who weren’t known as much or didn’t refine the invention enough. Sometimes it feels like history will remember someone shit (like Substratum) for coming up with the idea and only a handful of smart academics will claim actually Maid was first…