Safe-launcher-v-0.10.1 can't connect

Is this because I don’t have 6 Mbps download speed (I have ~ 5 Mbps) or should it work anyway?
Terminal says:

error: FFI :: Auth :: Get unregistered session :: -15
debug: FFI :: Drop application handle
INFO 11:36:47.510057338 [safe_core::core::client::message_queue] Received a Terminate event. Informing 1 observers.
WARN 11:36:47.510153374 [safe_core::core::client] Could not connect to the Network. Unexpected: Disconnected
INFO 11:36:47.515517479 [safe_core::ffi::session]
FFI cross-boundary error propagation:

ERRNO: -15 FfiError::CoreError → Operation aborted - CoreError::OperationAborted

error: FFI :: Auth :: Get unregistered session :: -15

Thank you:)

Welcome to the forum, the network is down at the moment as the test 12 is over. Check this website to connect to the Alpha 1 network.

Connecting with a Launcher should always work. Speed limitations are for the Vaults only.


Should say “test 12” not “test 11”


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