Connecting self-compiled Core/Launcher to Alpha network

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I’ve been making some minor changes in SAFE Core and SAFE Launcher code and would now like to compile it so that it can connect to the Alpha vault network. I compiled SAFE Core with cargo build --release, added it to SAFE Launcher, compiled that as well, then copied SAFE Launcher.crust.config from MaidSafe’s Alpha Launcher to the root directory of the compiled Launcher. When I start the Launcher it says after 5 seconds or so that it can’t connect to the SAFE Network.

Am I missing something here? Thanks for your help!


I did this a couple of days ago:

  • cloned both repos
  • followed safe_launcher build instructions (compiled safe_core for release, copied libsafe…so to app/api/ffi)
  • npm install
  • npm start

That worked (didn’t copy any config, but I had recently installed the alpha using apt-get).

Hope that helps.


Thanks, that doesn’t do it for me though.

You want more than 500 PUTS isn’t it :stuck_out_tongue:.

Nope, didn’t touch that. :wink:

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Nah you’re not missing anything from the normal process here, however that network does not support bootstrapping custom built Vaults or Clients. Its Limitation pt 3 which restricts Vaults which also does the same for custom built safe_core.

Alpha Network - Limitations

Users can’t run their own vault. To allow developers and users to use the SAFE Launcher API1 without losing data or seeing performance issues, MaidSafe manage all the network nodes. This network is client-only and uses a unique private network name.

Once TEST-8 is up this Tuesday, this same process should work fine to connect to the test network. Sorry about that.


That’d involve needing to change the vault code than safe_core code :wink: and then getting group consensus amongst the Vaults that are responsible for the client account to allow that.