Safe Exchange is switching gears

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This makes me a bit uneasy about the project…it seems they are moving to a clearweb type exchange that has the option to integrate safecoin going forward.

I would have loved to see them stay the course and have this feature held completely within the SAFE ecosystem. Decentralized is great, decentralized and SAFE is even better!


Hilarious, get folks here to fund a project to be built on safe before it launches then abandons ship because its not sailing fast enough. Lol


I couldn’t finish reading that whole post. Daniel sounds like an impatient child who thinks he knows everything. (just from how he was writing, doesn’t mean that’s his real mindset, but its frustrating to read). He wants to build his own anonymous, secure network from the ground up, before Maidsafe finishes theirs. This is an age old (for internet years) problem that some really smart minds are trying to solve, and he’s just going to whip one up because he can do it faster… Sounds very arrogant.


Diversifying platform risk seems wise to me.

I hope that Safe will be the main platform for Safex once it’s ready, but see the benefit in getting started prior to the Safe network being ready.


I’m worried… it doesn’t make good reading … sounds like it’s back to square one …


And so it begins…everything I’ve been saying. Doesn’t Dally Shalla’s lawyer also own Safe or this forum name or something? I’m lost now…
Look, from the start, it has been made quite clear that Maidsafe intends to make it’s money from its apps and its had a long time to develop these. I’d say that either Maidsafe already has an exchange ready, or alternatively that their apps come from the community and partnerships are made.
The claims that Maidsafe are making something “on the fly” etc is a claim that both needs substantiating by Dally Shalla first, then responded to by Maidsafe to inform the community I think. This is just my opinion and a suggestion. :smile:


This also highlights the main flaw (that I pointed out) with @chadrick’s crowdfound hub - talking to the 1%, not the 99% and being sucked in to building projects on top of other projects that private interests had free reign to promote with no safeguards for the community - this private forum promotes these projects.
So, as Chadrick’s plan involved using both Decorum and Safex, does this affect Decorum? What is @Seneca’s view here?

This was quite a surprise to me and I can’t speak for @dallyshalla but I can understand wanting to build something (a proof of concept/temporary mvp/something) before the network features are totally available. As per the Crowd Found Hub; Project contributors and Makers need an exchange to trade in and out of Hub Tokens. I would prefer a distributed exchange over a centralized one and I hope SafeX can pull this off. I know lot’s of features will not exist on the safe network for a while before we will want/need them. Smart Contracts being a huge one. We will be using what is available and trying to tie things in that make sense. When the safe network features are available, the plan is to port. I don’t want to hijack this thread so if you want to talk details please do so in the Crowd Found Hub post


Only just recently he was actively promoting N99. Prompting people to invest in another safe app all the while feeling it will not materialize soon enough even for an already funded project to stay on course.


Wow, I wonder what the back story is? I do not get it safe exchange is building their own network?? It seem to me the project is not transparent with it investors and created an ICO with out any proof of concept or clear direction…

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So the next question is how/why this was allowed to happen on this private forum. The answer is that the operators of it and their “volunteers” are holding completely incompatible positions with many conflicts of interest, such as modding the forum, whilst promoting particular projects, IF these people are also involved in these projects (no idea due to lack of transparency) then there are many potential PR disasters on the horizon, as well as what I believe were promising projects being tarred.
The community needs to get to the bottom of this. I think I know what the back story is and where blame lies…and I can pinpoint the exact moment this unfolding sorry story was put on its inevitable path, to its inevitable conclusion…but that’s another story…I won’t go off topic :smile:

Yep and this is precisely why I don’t fly the flag or even consider any of these projects until I see something tangible.

Everybody is in it for money at the end of the day so I don’t appreciate it when people piss in my pocket and pretend they are on some moral high ground with their project when I know all they think about is dollar signs.

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Then go to the off-topic category and tell it. rather than blacken the names of the ones paying for this forum, the “volunteers” and all those who supported the apps being developed.

Its easy to spread FUD, now back it up. And now I said this everyone will be looking in the off-topic category for your story of corruption in high places in the owners of the forum and its “volunteers”.


Not all, I have it on mute and only use it to post items that don’t belong in the general categories.

On the present topic: From early on in my acquaintance with SAFE it was clear that it would be unwise for anyone to start now building a commercial operation on it, unless your “commercial operation” were actually a hobby that you hoped might become a business someday and you keep a firm grip on your day job. That’s because the time frame is quite uncertain, while business planning requires firm time frames. And that’s alright! Goes with the territory of building the equivalent of a Moon rocket. I too want this thing built properly, so that when it arrives it will sweep all before it.


No, Project Decorum isn’t dependent on Safe Exchange.

Not sure it matters, since I’m not involved in Safe Exchange in any way. I didn’t participate in the crowdsale nor have I bought any SEC afterwards. Daniel was helpful when I was preparing Project Decorum’s crowdsale and we talked some in Amsterdam last month at Bitcoin Wednesday Meetup. That’s the full extend of our and our project’s relationship.


A pivot is nothing unusual in business. There are many reasons to change direction or add a new direction and hopefully there is sound reasoning behind the moves. Lets assume @dallyshalla has good intentions and has his investors in mind when he makes decisions. We cannot automatically assume the people behind these fundraising efforts are competent and that they understand the implications of managing other peoples money and other peoples expectations. There are very good reasons the SEC exists and laws exist that protect the “unknowing public” . If you want strict rules on how your invested funds are used STAY AWAY from these forums and ad-hoc crypto crowdfunding. Buy gov bonds or rent a safety deposit box.

You are not protected in crypto-land from thievery and incompetence. All the mods in the world telling you its OK to trust somebody or have faith in their competence is NOT a reason to trust them or believe they have the talent to build a business.

FTR Im not slamming Daniel here. I’ve already had my time at ranting about safex.

Good luck Daniel.

EDIT: in this case SEC = Securities Exchange Commission


This is true, but just for clarification - I don’t want to suggest any mods have suggested anyone trust or invest in a particular project. I certainly didn’t while a mod and wouldn’t now either. I did express my support for Daniel and Seneca, but that’s not the same thing.


Sounds like he can’t just stand around, doing nothing while waiting until safenet goes stable. So he’s going to build a anonymous network. That’s going to be hard work, and hard road ahead. Either way, completely understandable. Kinda sad to see he chooses to go this route.

Crowd funding apps for safenet should be postpone until safenet is in beta and almost stable. Nobody likes to wait, and see their money goes down into the bin for nothing.

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Unfortunately to the noob and untrained participants any kind of support can be construed as an endorsement. I’m not accusing you of anything or suggesting it only happens in this forum.