Safe DNS and Anonymous Browsing/SAFE VPN

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Looking at this, I remember one of my old posts. I think that IF, and I say IF, you can access traditional DNS’s through the Safe Network, that it should be done in a way that uses the Safe Network’s distributed access principles to allow for anonymous browsing.

So you ask your close group for a website on the old DNS and they divide the webpage into different pieces which can be assigned to different Data Managers to retrieve. With a consistent way of Hashing, then if a website is popular most of the content has already been found, and the Managed Nodes only have to recheck to see if there have been any changes.

This would be a separate service for which users would have to pay safecoins, but I think that it could be a very good way to get people to transition to using a SAFE approach.

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I think you can not force every node to act as an “exit node” because there might be legal consequences, depending on jurisdiction. But then I have to admit that I did not read the other thread and I don’t know exactly what you have in mind…

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No, I don’t think that you would be forcing other nodes to act as exit nodes. This would be an additional relationship using the SAFE structure. But people would have to opt-in, just as they would have to opt-in to have compute-nodes etc.

If you cannot access certain websites, like if you are behind the Great Firewall of China, you would be needing the service, not accessing it.

Am I missing something?

Something like this could be done, I think. It would be something that would be a bit of an on/off relationship between End Users, more than nodes on the network. A providing User to be offering to (a) surf to the content you request on the existing internet, in response to a request (and payment) over the SAFE Network. (b) copy the site/page(s) you request off of the existing internet and PUT it to the SAFE Network and then send you the data map to access it. Not a particularly smooth process, but doable. Might be able to automate it with a program that accessed both networks.

This would be putting the existing internet over to the SAFE Network piece by piece, depending on demand. The other question would be whether you want to pay extra to have the data map stay private, as opposed having it put on a public index.