One more question to add to the name mahem

Wouldn’t we be able to piggy back onto the TYPE field on the existing DNS system to allow users of the existing DNS system to patch into SAFE?

That would elevate a lot of the fuss… If you have a domain on the old internet you could just map it to the new SAFE internet… Squatters etc wouldln’t be as big of an issue.

Seems like there are lots of fields there that might help do the trick. Most of them are TCP/ip based, but I bet you could hack it to connect to a port on localhost.

It seems like the type_tag could have a type for rendering html pages easily. However, you couldn’t just “plug in” to the http protocol but still be on the SAFE Network. The SAFE Network uses the safe protocol. They can’t intermix.

And the DNS protocol works on by specifying IP addresses and then letting the servers handle the request from there. The safe protocol handles everything.

On top of all that, the safe protocol can only interface with data on the SAFE Network.

So, if I understand your question correctly, no. No it can’t.

I mean, you could just upload the entire site onto the SAFE Network, but reading your post, I don’t think that’s what you’re getting at.

My thought would be to add code to the firefox plugin that looks for a TXT tag (or another DNS TYPE tag) with the SAFE address and redirects to whatever SAFE identifier is specified.

Or perhaps it could redirect to localhost: and the port of the safe client and pass the appropriate identifier to load the correct pages.

I think we need to pry into what you mean when you say “redirect”.

First up, the data is not on the local machine or stored into the ram, so it’ll have to retrieve it from somewhere. Correct?

If so, what protocol will be used to retrieve the data from the distant location?

I like what your suggesting, but it’s like trying to redirect the current internet to Tor. You’ll always need the Tor Browser to reach the site. Likewise you’ll always need the FF addon before you can reach the SAFE site. It would be more fun, if SAFE could become integrated into Firefox as a web standard. I think this would also do a lot for Mozilla and place them on the throne of being security/privacy centric.

The FF addon is a bridge right now, imho a integration would be like a tunnel and eliminate attack vectors. Or we need our owner browser, so the old internet site would just redirect to the SAFE browser. When they installed the SAFE browser and click on the old internet in another browser. The SAFE browser should start up and show the SAFE site, just like a bitcoin URI works. Only way for now, unless we can convince browser makers to all integrate the SAFE protocol.


If you piggyback off existing DNS, you are subject to censorship. It also means there will be insecure footprints, as each DNS request will be outside the safe net.

IMO, this isn’t a suitable option, even though it could ‘work’. SECURE access for EVERYONE doesn’t imply insecurity and censorship, really.


Yes, I don’t see it as a solution for everyone - Just an option for already public - already regulatory compliant sites to make sure their customers find their real SAFE site not an imposters…

If you want to be anonymous you wouldn’t want to use this. But if you are a business or a public figure, rarely do you want to be anonymous.

FWIW, it does look like IPFS supports this schema:

From their whitepaper:

If /ipns/ is a valid domain name, IPFS looks up key ipns in its DNS TXT records. IPFS interprets the value as either an object hash or another IPNS path:
# this DNS TXT record TXT “ipfs=XLF2ipQ4jD3U …”
# behaves as symlink
ln -s /ipns/XLF2ipQ4jD3U /ipns/

So basically there is a TXT record in the current DNS record that Specifies the hash address of the IPFS website,

I doubt there is any reason SAFE couldn’t use a similar tactic…

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True. And it is more resilient because everybody would be sharing the same data. It would grab the official dns record. However, I really dislike it because once it becomes big, it’s hard to do a mass exodus to a different dns. It has to be set before masses uses it. That’s why cjdns delayed the dns for years. They are still in debate on the dns. However, there are third party that proposes dns solution. You could download it, and use it. No problems with that. Do not integrate dns into core. It would be a hot mess in a decade or two.

The IPFS is trying to design a “permanent web” Each file is stored by it’s hash, so no 404 error so long a a copy still exists someplace…

The DNS stuff there works based on a pointer of the domain owner’s hash of public key… So the owner will always have an unfriendly domain available to use - its just a matter of setting up friendly names to point at the unfriendly ones. All kinds of system can do that – The TXT record is just one way. The rest of the system works kinda like git – where the domain URLs point to and load the latest and greatest content…

As far as SAFE goes I kinda like being able to know that whatever site I am talking to is official… I don’t mind it being linked to the old www dns if it helps people find and trust sites on SAFE…