SAFE Domain Names

How will SAFE’s version of DNS work?

SAFE should work without DNS at all. I mean it is just one of these institutions and commercial markets a new internet doesen’t need.

If for example SAFE network would allow to create two kinds of folders, puplic folders and private folders. Private folders wich can accessed only by you and public folders to store datas you wanna share or to host a website. The content of public folders can be seen by anyone but only you can make changes, cause you own the private key. Public folders must have an unique name. This was the Domain or IP or however you call it. You can use ur domain-names from the old internet like
safe:// or you just create a new one like safe://goED -And if you delete the folder, the name is free again for someone else to use.

A namechain doesn’t require goverments or companies, just a good spam protection.

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I like the idea of first come first serve and no rings to kiss for permission. But is this how it is going to work on the SAFE Network?

Yes, and with a mechanism to prevent people using names which are very similar. There is a discussion if this somewhere on the forum - I don’t have time to find it now, but may have a link to it I could look up when in back from holiday.


But can anyone take whatever names they want? If so, there will be one helluva name squatting of SAFE names.

This is what I mean with spam protection. And I guess theres more than Goggles TrackCha. If you had to have a minimum of data in your public folders before you can create a new one, for example, it would avoid domain squatting and waste of resources. And it makes sure that those who own many domains, keep the network running.