SAFE Crossroads Podcast Ep02, Meet the Future of Commerce

Okay, folks. Here’s the next milestone. Enjoy.

Share this with some of your Bitcoin friends who aren’t into SAFE yet. Might just open their eyes a bit.


Is episode 2 unavailable for download? Or is it just me?

tremendous interview, looking forward to sharing it with my friends.
People ask…where is the vision for a better future?
Here it is, Safe Network, golden! :high_brightness:


Sorry. Fixed now. *******

Thanks :smile:
I’ve been hoping someone would make a podcast about maidsafe for a while now so what you’re doing is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!


Cool interview, I knew the basic idea behind SafeEx, now I also know the grander idea behind it! I saw @dallyshalla yesterday at the Bitcoin Wednesday conference in Amsterdam, it’s a shame I didn’t get the chance to speak with him for a while (I was delayed so only arrived 5 minutes before the presentations started).


Awesome podcast. You’re a great discussion moderator. Making sure that things are explained thoroughly for those of us who may not understand some of the nuances. Keep up the great work!


@seneca, I think you might have meant to mention @BenMS who was at the Bitcoin Wednesday conference;

@fergish, HUGE thanks for taking the time with me to prepare and streamline what safex intends to deliver to us and the planet;

  • thanks @everyone for keeping eyes on this safe network :sunny:

I had the chance to shake hands with him. I thought I saw you there as well, but perhaps I got you mixed up with someone else?

Certainly, I had been in Las Vegas helping get some tee shirts over to @nicklambert in time for the Collision Conference;

Oddly, the crowd at this conference weren’t the most enthusiastic about tee shirts (didn’t want to carry something around), but mostly people were glad to hear about MaidSafe and the SAFE Network coming about;

Luckily I got to carry the rest back: around half; it was almost 50 pounds of shirts going to the conference, so there should be plenty to bring over to the rust lang launch event:

seems like they won’t have enough tee shirts to give to everyone (rust ones); and considering the amazing work on the language Rust itself, I think we can help fill the void there with our ones :wink:


Hey @fergish, I’m listening to EP02 now - really good - great guest you have there… :smile:

@fergish you have any social media feeds? Be good to share these podcasts on twitter & facebook.

EDIT: this is a really great podcast. John, I have a suggestion - how about adding bullet points on the web page highlighting the topics covered in each episode. Example:

John interviews Daniel Dabek, who at 24 is co-founder of Infinity Algorithms (a company with the founder of Atari on the board) and is creating the first fully autonomous financial exchange, made possible by SAFE Network.

Topics discussed:

  • How Daniel’s first language is not English [doh! haven’t time now - I have to go]

These are brilliant…really good work @fergish …its really professional and you;ve got a perfect radio face…sorry voice. :smiley:


Thanks for your applause, Mark. Really appreciated.

I’ll be working on podcast feeds and social network action. Actually, I have a friend who knows the ropes who is writing up a guide for me to follow. I’m piloting it on some of my non-SAFE, non-bitcoin, not-too-technical friends to see how it goes over. Then I’ll feel ready to launch it onto all the feeds I can find, etc.

I’ll take the outline idea under advisement. Not sure I want to break it down that far.


The main thing I got out of this interview, was that @fergish had some kind of revelation regarding SafeX…but only after 1 year on here and 4 hours prep interview with Daniel.

Daniel stated that he would like SafeX to be a kind of quality example to builders, of what is possible on SAFE. I’m not sure were at the point, where SafeX and it’s objectives are easily understood.

Watching this video again, seems to me the messaging component of SAFE is what is being leveraged. So messaging is not just about human communication but also contracts.

ms messenger product: to allow synchronization of system and user messages in an irrefutable manner, by allowing messaging where identity is validated to prevent spam and further uses this identity to allow digitally validated document signing and accounts are created from a very good known source of personal account information which need not be a public account and can be a private account as in a SAFE Network account and communications are via a digital contract which is digitally signed and the conversation is subject to the contract terms

That’s just how it goes with us simple folk. (I actually don’t mean to be snarky.)

I’m sure none of this is a revelation to you, but you may (probably are from what I’ve seen) an exceptional person. Don’t forget that it’s a long way down to my level (at least in some–especially technical–areas) and it’s even further down to a lot of others who might want to get aboard.

I didn’t know how to approach this data, so didn’t. I’ll bet I’m not alone.

It took my basic understanding of the network which I’d gathered (from high altitude, so to speak) and then talking to Daniel to get the import and implications.

My purpose is to make the import of all this accessible as easily as possible. That means getting it through my thick skull. :wink: Then using whatever meager talents I have to help share it.

Thanks for the video link, by the way. It’s a good one, and I hadn’t seen it. There’s probably a lot I’ve not seen or read.

The “Simpleton” moniker may be cutesy, but it’s not a ruse. It’s truer than I like to admit.

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It certainly is new for me, but that video and your interview did solidify it a little…and my guess was ms messenger is the main enabler…but info on that seems limited or certainly undiscovered by myself.

Maybe you could do a "What I learned about SafeX’ in the OP?

I’d definitely vote for a Shona type video to explore SafeX


the above combination provides a unique system with cumulative and synergistic benefits to allow people to effectively control access to their own digital resources and secure communications, store data & share resources, share private files & secure data without using servers, anonymous authentication of users, with an assurity of a self healing, fault resistant, and duplicate removal network.

safex protocol defines the necessary components for a person to directly interact with another person using a like client, on the decentralized SAFE Network; the network and session layer connects people, and the messaging carries over the definitions of intentions for trade from your own known personal contacts.


Does SafeX utilize ms messenger for contracts or maybe that is the native contract component that will not be built out until after launch?



Just to add,please don’t change a single thing about your interview style. A big part of the reason I have been unable to glean much from other more well known people’s podcasts/videos, is that I literally could not listen to them due to the “in your face” " car salesman" type interviewer. I have found myself turning off after first couple of minutes, because it was like nails scratching down a blackboard, continuous inane white noise weaved through it.
Seriously,this is a breath of fresh air and it will really help with mass adoption/understanding by people like me - a fellow Safe simpleton. :smiley: