SAFE Crossroads Podcast #7, A Different Perspective, Live in LTB


Thanks to @ctsafe for being such a good sport. Love to get some of you student lurkers on as well.

The original post can be found here: A Different Perspective


I am really enjoying the podcasts! The sound quality and overall polished sound keeps getting better and better. I would take Safe Crossroads over NPR any day of the week.


This podcast is very refreshing! @ctsafe provides valuable insight, which is a marketing gold mine, to those paying attention. Below are key points summarized from the podcast, starting at 23:24…

How did MaidSafe Catch your attention?

  • In addition to being a crypto currency, Safecoin is used exclusively for SAFE resources. It remains valuable to the SAFE Network, even if the fiat value goes to zero. Low Risk Investment.
  • Strong respectful community, filled with intelligent debates, constantly seeking solutions.

Price VS Potential

  • The youths understood Project SAFE potential.
  • Low prices provide more opportunity to accumulate.

Barriers to Entry

  • Acquiring crypto currency is still a difficult process. Fiat ~> Bitcoin ~> MAID. Requires technical knowledge.
  • Farming, and SAFEX will make the entry process easier, attracting non-tech users.

Early Demand and Usage

  • Social Network
  • Privacy
  • All Access from their phone, phone, PHONE!

Mainstream Adoption

  • Financial incentive does matter.

This interview reinforces my belief that Mobile Phones + Apps are critical to mass adoption.


the children of the world are the future and yet so many of them especially in places like Africa are living in poverty and have no access to the world wide web >> is there any solutions? I hope so


Australia loves Maidsafe, We say “no” for internet censorship and having eyes on our private activity.


Yep, really enjoyed this…nice to know the discussions here are a little more advanced than those in the alt-coin space.

Should the posts title read as Episode 7 ?

Oops!! I’ll fix it…

Another great podcast >>with every step we advance